Whitesburg KY

Jean Blair celebrates birthday


I haven’t been able to write the news for a couple of weeks. I’ve had pneumonia and it’s sure something I don’t want to go through again.

Happy birthday to my wonderful mother, Jean Blair of Elk Creek. It is on May 28.

Action Against Substance Abuse will be having a prayer march and gathering on June 2. Registration begins at 1:30 p.m. at the Mountain. Heritage Village in Whitesburg. The march starts at 3 p.m. The march will end at the football field by the middle school where the prayer vigil will take place. For more info you can call 606-634-7648 606- 335-2235 or 606-335-0741 or you can email Alice Adams at alicecurtisadams@hotmail.com.

Happy birthday to Linda Wagner of Red Star. It was on May 17. Paula Sparks of Isom also had one the 17th, Justin Caudill of Jeremiah the 22nd, Beverley Caudill Johnson of Carcassonne the 24th, Holly Bates of Ulvah and Michelle miller of Blackey on the 25th, Donna Bates of Blackey the 27th, and Pamela Adams Mullins the 28th.

My sympathy to the family of Wendell Sumner of Whitesburg. He died May 21 at his residence. He was engaged to a friend of mine, Katrina Smith, formerly of Carcassonne. Wendell was 55.

Karsyn Patterson will be a year old May 24.. The parents are Mallory and Jamy Patterson with an older sister Aubrey and grandparents are Mike and Karen Eldridge of Elk Creek and Kaye and Ike Patterson of Whitesburg. Great-grandparents are Hubert Eldridge, R.B. Dixon and Geraldine Collier.

My neighbor Jon Henrikson had to spend a few days Hazard Hospital recently. He was having chest pains but everything came back normal. I’m glad he is doing okay.

Prayers for Justin Rice of Blackey. He is in the hospital in Lexington and had to have surgery. He has been having a really hard time. I wish him the best.

Also Aaron Blair of Jeremiah is in the hospital at Vanderbilt. He has cancer and had surgery, but got good news. They said they got all the cancer out. I wish him the best.

Rosemary Rowe of Blackey had to spend a few days in Whitesburg Hospital after some surgery. I hope she feels better soon.

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