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Jean Ison celebrates her 80th birthday with party

Southern Ohio

Hello again, everyone! It is getting very cold in the Harrison, Ohio area! I guess I may as well get used to a visitor called Old Man Winter as he is going to be around for a while.

Please overlook any mistakes that may occur in this column. My computer went on vacation to my computer repairman’s house. It finally got so bad that I had to call Paul Weber, a very efficient, reliable, and affordable computer technical person.

Thanks to my friend, Linda Hollan, for the use of her computer. Trying to type on someone else’s keyboard is like trying to drive a car that you aren’t used to!

Junior Kuracka, I wish I was as smart as you think I am. You have bragged to someone how much you enjoy my column and wondered how did I get that smart. Actually I have more common sense from living than I do formal education. I really appreciate all you and your wife have done by visiting my sister, Loretta Church, while she was at Letcher Manor Nursing Home and also visiting my brother, Wallace Lee Hall.

Loretta called me and said she was doing real well. She is able to use a wheelchair.

Belated happy birthday greetings go out to Jean Ison who celebrated her 80th birthday Oct. 24. A party was given by her family. Polly Ann Maucher was very pleased to have her brothers, Doug Ison from Columbus, Ind., and Michael Ison from Kingscreek, along with their nephew, Jerry Sturgill, coming to her house then going to Jean’s birthday party. Bill and Jean’s daughter flew in from Texas to join in the celebration for her mom. Bill’s sons were there too; I didn’t get their names.

Johnny and Ann Calihan, Hayward and Vivian Day attended, along their daughter, Kim, who looks more like her mom every day! Renevae Day, the wife of the late Kelly Day, was able to attend along with Eveda Ison. Between 45 and 50 were present for this celebration.

Ann Calihan is feeling a little better though she is still not back to her full capacity of speed. Ann had a bout with a serious bladder infection!

It seems I have been having the pleasure of reporting several birthdays that have been celebrated the past month of people that have reached certain milestones in their lives. My friend, Hazel Lee, was 80, then Clarence Halcomb was 90. Oct. 26 I had the pleasure to help in a birthday party for a man that I met recently at the Flatland Bluegrass Barn. Sherdian DePew of Oxford, Ohio, will be 101 years old Nov. 16. Cake and ice cream were served in his honor; between 80 and 90 people were there.

Sherdian is very alert and loves talking with people. When I say it is a pleasure to see him, that is what I mean with all my heart.

Flatland Bluegrass Barn is owned by Don and Sue Treadway. It is such a nice place to go. I really enjoy the friendship and warmth I have found there. Even my friend, Vickie Power, likes the bluegrass music.

With my computer messing up, I forgot to mention in my column last week there was a very special young lad that could really sing at Flatland Bluegrass Barn. Alec Hurtubise of Zionsville, Ind., who is 13 years old, has a very powerful voice. It gives me so much enjoyment to hear young people his age with such talent share with the public.

Nathan Treadway is the grandson of Don and Sue Treadway. This young man is good banjo picker, and 11-yearold Evan Lanier is a great musician also. Don and Sue have a CD of a group of young pickers that play at the Barn. I want one of these CD’s.

I haven’t talked to my good friend, Gwen Huff Farmer, much since my computer has been on the blink. I do know she is trying to stay warm and enjoying the fruits, or should I say vegetables of her labor.

Shirley Wells had a Tupperware party and she has been going to a few. Shirley enjoys eating out with several of her children. I am going to miss listening to WMMT on the Internet with Gwen and Shirley.

My daughter, Kay Gray, took me out for breakfast Thursday morning.

My brother, Richie Hall, and Wanda will be getting ready for a big Thanksgiving dinner before too long. How I wish I could join them! Wanda is a really good cook!

Since I baby-sit with my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold, my days of traveling are put on hold. Not that I mind it too much. Bennie is finally gaining a little weight and starting to grow. Last night I noticed he was walking funny, and kept touching the front of his pajamas. Somehow his diaper had come undone and was down around his ankles. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t change him.

Well, this column is going to short this week as I don’t want to take up too much of my friend, Linda’s, time. Her son had an accident as a deer ran out in front of him as he was on his way to work, so I am following Linda to drop her car off.

Hello Gladys Smith, Emma Engle, Oma Hatton, Elsie Banks all the others that have columns in The Mountain Eagle.

I will catch you up on all the news next week. Until next time! Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email:Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, (513) 367-4682.

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