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Jeanette Yonts shoots her first buck


Jeanette Yonts is pictured with the buck she shot.

Jeanette Yonts is pictured with the buck she shot.

Well, I have to start out this week’s news with something that happened to me that has never happened before and I am 62 years old. With God and my husband’s help, I was able to shoot and kill a huge buck.

This is my story. The only red meat my husband and I eat is the venison he is able to process during deer season. We have a nephew that loves to hunt but cannot eat red meat because it causes his gout to flare up. So, whatever he kills he also gives to us. We cut it up and put it in the freezer. I know lots of people that can theirs, but we have eaten it that way and prefer it the way we fix it.

Well, the first time I hunted was in 2015. I had some experiences that season that I will always remember. My husband and I left the house about 4 or so in the morning to make sure we were in our spots before daylight. For those of you that don’t know, deer can smell where you have been, and can hear if you are moving around. So, here we are waking up in the middle of the night and driving to our spot that we have scouted out for about six months now in the woods on a strip job.

Seth Lennon Hampton, Jeanette Yonts’s grandson, with his deer

Seth Lennon Hampton, Jeanette Yonts’s grandson, with his deer

It was cold as could be, frost on the forest floor so thick it was hard to stay upright as we went traipsing through briers and brush. My husband was carrying everything he could, which was his gun, a backpack that had all the things he would need to call the deer in to us with a few snacks added in, and a two-man blind. All I could carry was my gun. I had on enough clothes to keep me warm for a few hours, gloves, double thick socks, and a pair of shoes that I could barely walk in let alone climb the hills.

We finally get to the spot we had scouted out and set up the blind. Then we wait in that blind (while I freeze to death) for about an hour before daylight breaks. After daylight breaks we’re still waiting for the deer to come down that road like my husband said he was sure they did every day, checking their scrapes for doe sign.

Well, we sat for awhile and then would stand for awhile and then sit for awhile again. He decided he was going to do some calling and stepped out behind the blind. Well, I never in all my life expected what he did then. He took a set of antlers and started scraping the ground with them and stomping like crazy. It scared me at first because I thought something had gotten him and he was fighting it off, then I looked out the window and saw it was him making all that crazy noise. I wish I had had a video camera. I still laugh when I think about it.

Well, needless to say, this didn’t bring anything to us. When my toes were numb we finally left. On our way out of the woods you’ll never believe what we saw. No, it wasn’t a deer, but there were mothballs laying all along the ground and we couldn’t figure out why someone would do that. We later learned it was a deterrent to keep them away. It was pitch dark when we went in, so we didn’t see them then.

I told my husband after that hunt, “Unless we can go hunting when it’s a little warmer than that, count me out.” So, he took me on an evening hunt. We did see a buck this hunt, running of course. Believe it or not, he expected me to get my gun raised, find the deer in the scope, get the kill zone lined up then pull the trigger within about three seconds. I told him that ain’t gonna happen.

Since then, my grandson has hunted with him and I have had other things that I had to do during hunting season.

Well, this year we had deer on our trail camera and knew their habits enough to know where they were. (I can’t tell you where this is though or my husband will get upset). So, this buck walks out into my view and within five minutes the spot I knew to aim for is lined right up and when I pull the trigger he falls immediately. No tracking and no wondering if I made a good shot.

I was and still am on cloud nine. We cut it up Sunday and had about 80 pounds of solid meat. Now I know why hunters like to sit around after the hunt and tell their hunting stories. Oh yea, I almost forgot, my grandson Seth Hampton also killed a spike.

Other news in the community that I need to mention is first of all, our precious Pat Wright came back to Letcher County Senior Citizens this morning. Her husband, Doug Wright, passed away from stomach cancer and this is the first she has been back. It was good to see her, but I know it was hard for her to come to a place that she and her husband used to come almost every day before he got sick.

Our seniors will be taking a trip to Benham Schoolhouse Inn, Wednesday the 27th, for our dinner. This is a restaurant they have visited before and they say the food there is wonderful. It will be my first time eating there.

On Saturday, Nov. 23, there will be an event taking place called The 10K Turkey Trot and 2 Mile Gobble Wobble. This will take place on a beautiful and challenging trail through Raven Rock Golf Course in Jenkins. All finishers will receive a finisher’s medal, a tee shirt (while supplies last) and a coupon for an after-race meal at Pine Restaurant. You must register by November 22 at 5 p.m. to be entered to win two tickets to see the Harlem Globe Trotters at the Appalachian Wireless Arena in Pikeville on Dec. 13. So what are you waiting for? Register today at aptiming.com/ race/852.

Another event happening in our community is the Pancake in Pajamas with Santa and Mrs. Claus. This will be on Saturday, Dec. 7, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Pine Mountain Grill and Gifts. The proceeds for this will go to the LCCHS Lady Cougars basketball program.

This was posted by Letcher County Judge/Executive Terry Adams: The Letcher County Recreational Center will be a warming station for anyone that needs a warm place to take shelter. Information is being broadcast on 103.9 the Bulldog and posted on the courthouse doors. You can also call Terry Adams if you need more information.

Lots of people in our community are hosting parties that allow you to paint pictures, create wreaths, paint quilt blocks on wood, and many other creative ideas for all ages. Just check these out and you will be amazed at all that is going on in our little city and surrounding areas.

This was also posted on the Executive Office’s Facebook page:

It’s almost time for Youth Basketball League at the Recreation Center. We are going to start sign-ups now to give everyone time to get their registration forms in.

– Last day to sign up, December 31.

– Cost $35 for each player and $30 for each sibling. Must be paid the day you drop the registration form off.

– All players must try out. We will set a date and time for tryouts in January 2020.

– Stop by the rec center or the office of Terry Adams, County Judge/Executive, to pick up registration forms.

-Games will start February 1, 2020.

– Age group 6-13. Age is based on child’s birthday as of Oct. 1.

Serious, serious prayer is requested by Laney Webb’s family as they continue her treatment for leukemia in Cincinnati, Oh. This whole family desperately still needs our prayers. Laney’s mom, Michelle Webb, is heartbroken as they told her today Laney’s cancer is back and she will have to go through this whole process from the very beginning, from the treatments, which they say will be harder this time, to looking for a transplant donor all over again.

Also remember to pray for Pat Wright in the death of her husband, the family of Don Fultz as they face his death, and my pastor Bill Jones and his wife Sandy as the date draws near for what they will be facing in the death of their son Bobby and his girlfriend Crystal.

If you don’t have anywhere to go for church this coming Sunday, Master’s Harmony will be singing once again at the church we attended from our youth to teenage years, the Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church. My church, Letcher Independent Baptist, would also welcome anyone with open arms. Oma Hatton pled with her readers every week to attend church. Please take into consideration what Christ did for you and see if you can’t just give Him a little of your time by worshiping Him in this manner.

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