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Jenkins board adopts policy for events travel

The Jenkins Independent Board of Education has adopted a new travel policy for athletic and other extracurricular activities that sets a limit for what the system will fund.

After lengthy discussion at Monday’s meeting, the board voted unanimously to establish a 50-mile radius on events other than regular district or regional games. Post-season tournaments will be funded as well. For other games or extracurricular events, including camps, teams or other organizations will be assessed a $1 per mile charge to help offset travel costs.

Board Vice Chairman Tracy Goff said he has always opposed charging athletic teams and other organizations for travel, because he believes the participation broadens them and benefits the school system as a whole, but in light of the current budget situation and the cost of travel, Goff said there is no other way. Costs will be paid out of organizational budgets or by booster groups and fund raising can be planned to accommodate travel for greater distances and special events.

Goff also proposed that teams and other organizations submit game and travel schedules to the board as early as possible, preferably at the beginning of the school year. Board Chairman Durward Narramore Jr. said that special games and events as well as special tournaments are financial killers and that trips to outof state special events like Christmas tournaments that are not part of regional and district play put an undue strain on the system. Because of requirements from insurers, the Jenkins system requires that travel for all school events must be conducted in district buses with certified drivers rather than in private vehicles.

Goff said it is easier for the larger sports such as football and basketball to find competition within the limits, but added that some other sports like golf have to travel farther to meet district and regional competition requirements.

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