Whitesburg KY

Jenkins board chairman calls on state legislators for help

The Kentucky General Assembly’s failure to adequately fund public education will force local increases in property taxes if school districts are to be able to continue to educate and care for students, a top Jenkins school official said.

State government is “forcing districts to make up what the state doesn’t provide on the local level, forcing you to increase taxes just to survive,” Jenkins Independent Board of Education Chairman Durward Narramore said in a stinging indictment of state government delivered during a special called meeting last week.

The meeting was held to welcome new member Paulette Sexton, to re-elect officers, and to begin the process of remaking the school system into a new single entity system.

Narramore was re-elected to another term as chairman, as was Vice Chairman Tracy Goff. Superintendent Debbie Watts will continue to serve as board secretary.

The board voted to continue to meet on the fourth Monday of each month, but will move meeting times to 6 p.m., from 6:30 p.m.

The board also approved a review of board policies and necessary actions which will accompany the reconfiguration process including structural changes needed to make the formerly three-school system into one single system. The policies all come from recommendations made by the Kentucky School Board Association.

In its first action related to the reconfiguration, the board agreed after lengthy discussion to keep a principal in each of the district’s three school buildings. To help pay salary costs for the three principals, the board voted to abolish the job of assistant principal at McRoberts Elementary School, a position it had voted to create in December.

Because the district is becoming a single-school entity, the involvement of site based councils will be severely curtailed. The councils will no longer have any say in matters involving curriculum or screening applicants for jobs.

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