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Jenkins council gets quorum; changes meet date

The Jenkins City Council obtained a quorum and held its June meeting as scheduled. In an effort to make it easier for members to attend meetings, Mayor G.C. Kincer proposed changing the regular meeting date from the first Monday of the month to the first Thursday and the council voted unanimously to make the change. The new meeting date will go into effect after the second reading is conducted in July and the first Thursday meeting will be held August 7.

“Welcome to our meeting,” said Kinder. “We do have a quorum.”

In other business, the council discussed installing a lift in city hall to improve the accessibility of the second-floor council chamber. Council member Carol Anne Litts said she would like to see a lift installed to allow people with disabilities to attend meetings. Mayor Kincer said he has explored the possibility of getting an elevator installed and at present the expense for an elevator would be prohibitive, but a lift can be installed for around $19,000.

Paul Nesbitt of Nesbitt Engineering, who works with the city on water and sewer issues, said he will speak to his grant specialist and see if there are any accessibility grants available to the city that might allow it to install an elevator.

City Manager Todd De- Priest told the council the Jenkins Swimming Pool is now open and operating. DePriest said at present the only problem is there aren’t enough lounge chairs for the large numbers of people coming to the pool, but more have been ordered. He also said that if anyone is interested in scheduling a swimming pool party, they should call (606) 832-4225 soon because bookings are getting scarce.

DePriest also told the council that the final inspections are underway that should allow for the opening of Las PeƱas Mexican restaurant soon, although he said he is uncertain as to when the exact date the final approvals will be granted for the opening.

The council discussed parking at the swimming pool and restaurant complex. Mayor Kincer said paving the lot would be the ideal solution, but the city cannot afford the estimated $75,000 to $100,000 expense at this time. He said the city will gravel the back area behind the restaurant to expand parking and city workers will clearly mark handicapped parking spaces.

The city produced 15,079,000 gallons of treated water in May and sold 4,977,000, for a potential loss of 10,082,000 gallons, or 67 percent. Of that amount, 4,584,600 were accounted for through breaks and use in the water and sewer plants, leaving an unaccounted loss of 5,497,400, or 36 percent. There have been no leaks in new lines laid as part of the Jenkins Water Line Replacement reject.

The council voted to accept the second reading of the city budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015 in the amount of $2,024,850.00, and voted to participate in a grant with the Department of Homeland Security to allow for the purchase of new body armor for the Jenkins Police Department.

Police Chief Jim Stephens reported that the Jenkins Police Department responded to 88 calls in May and made 20 arrests. Nine of the arrests were from warrants, one was for driving under the influence, and five were drug related. Of the other calls, seven were for domestic violence incidents, three were for accidents with injuries, four were for accidents with property damage, and three were bear complaints. Seventeen citations were issued along with three verbal warnings. Three summons were also issued. Stephens said the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife has been notified about the bears and has responded to the complaints. Citizens are urged to keep trash cans secure to keep bears from getting into them.

Crystal Davis has returned to the Jenkins Police Department in the position of deputy chief and will also serve as evidence officer as well as conducting her patrolling and supervisory duties. Chief Stephens said Davis is “truly an asset to the department” and he is very pleased to have her back. Officer Sara Damron was hired in May and has begun her field training. Stephens said she will probably enter the Kentucky Police Academy in July and should graduate in December. At present she will work with another officer as part of her field training.

The council discussed the possibility of expanding the city park. Chuck Anderson, who also serves on the Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival Committee, said if the city could move the fence back and take a few other measures to expand the park it would allow the festival to grow as well as expanding its use for other events.

The council discussed concerns with speeding on Lakeside Drive by young people on four-wheelers, as well as by cars. Police Chief Stephens said that Lakeside Drive is a state road and state laws apply to anyone operating a motor vehicle there. He added that Jenkins officers try to take a common sense approach to people operating four wheelers and dirt bikes in town, but the law still applies to them.

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