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Jenkins council voices support for teachers; new business coming

In addition to receiving good economic news at its April meeting this week, the Jenkins City Council voiced its support for public school teachers.

Councilman Rick Damron asked his fellow council members to approve a resolution of support for teachers in Jenkins and across the state as they struggle to keep their state pensions and to gain better pay and conditions.

Damron told the council it’s not only important that good teachers be supported, but he added that schools are an important source of community development.

“I’d like to see a resolution that Jenkins supports teachers,” said Damron. Mayor Todd Depriest asked City Attorney Randall Tackett to draw up a resolution to support teachers for next month’s meeting.

Damron said he hopes the city will be able to attract jobs at the Gateway Industrial Park and said that new jobs will bring new families coming into the city, which will help the school system too.

Mayor Depriest responded by telling the council Hunt Brothers Pizza has closed on a 20,000-squarefoot lot at the industrial park on which to build a new warehouse.

Hunt Brothers is an Indiana company that was founded in 1962 as Pepe’s Pizza by the four Hunt Brothers, Charlie, Don, Jim, and Lonnie. In 1982, the four brothers separated and founded four new companies. They reunited in 1991 with the goal of serving underserved rural convenience stores by creating a restaurant-quality pizza with self-rising crust that fits into a convenience store operation.

In 1995, they developed Buffet Style Pizza, with a unique concept of all toppings, no extra charge. The new business model was very successful and new partnerships and new neighborhood territories were built with convenience stores, and a faster cooking Lincoln Oven and new products like Breakfast Pizza were added. In 2004, they changed the name to Hunt Brothers Pizza and opened new support offices and warehouses in Nashville and in Paris, Ky. In the last 13 years, Hunt Brothers added Thin Crust Pizza and chicken wings to the menu and expanded to serve pizza in 5,600 locations. Today, Hunt Brothers Pizza serves restaurant-quality pizza in more than 7,500 convenience stores and other locations in 28 states. More information is available at the company website at www.huntbrotherspizza.com/.

Depriest said that having new families locate in Jenkins to work in new jobs will help everyone, and added that another company is looking at the park as well. He said negotiations are in an early stage and no further information is available.

In other business, the council voted to designate April as Sexual Assault Prevention Month.

In a presentation from Appalachian Regional Hospital Family Nurse Practitioner Alicia Cook on the subject of sexual abuse, the council learned that not only is sexual abuse common in the region, but that human trafficking is on the rise as well. Human trafficking is the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labor, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others.

The council also approved an application for a grant from Kentucky Homeland Security to provide new firearms and ammunition to the Jenkins Police Department. Harold Kelly of Nesbitt Engineering reported that the person in charge of final approval for a longplanned sidewalk extending from the Jenkins football field to Jenkins Middle High School has been given the final report on the city’s inkind contribution for the project.

The annual citywide clean-up will be held from April 23 to May 18. Citizens of Jenkins may place items for pick-up in the regular spot they put their garbage.

The pick-up schedule is as follows: April 23-27 from Paul Baker’s Barber Shop through Smokey Row and Number 5, Slate Hill, Premier Subdivision, Overlook Terrace, Number 6, and all of Dunham. April 30–May 4, Elkhorn Avenue, William Street and Circle, Lakeside, Wheaton Hollow, Hidden Drive, Dairy Hollow, Raven Rock Golf Course, Main Street, Woodland Trail, Number 4 Hill, High Street, Payne Street, Cove Street, Cavalier Drive, and down to My Father’s House.

Also, May 7–11, Brickyard Hill, Wright’s Hollow and Circle, B&O Hill, Forest Hill Lane, Little Camden, Camden, Cane Branch, Joe’s Branch, Number 3 Hollow, East Jenkins Hill, Cora Whitaker Drive, and down to Whitaker’s Music Store.

Also, May 14–18, Railroad Hill, Rocky Hollow, Number 2 Bottom, Adams Street, Brook Lane, Mountain Breeze, Number 1 Bottom, Tin Can Hollow, Store Hill, and the remainder of Burdine to the “Welcome to Jenkins” sign.

The city produced 12,800,000 gallons of treated water in March and sold 9,664,000 gallons. This lead to a difference of 3,136,000 gallons or a potential 25 percent loss.

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