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Jenkins councilman says water bills are too high

To the Editor:

I have been getting a lot of calls and complaints from the citizens of Jenkins concerning their water usage and the outrageous bills they must pay or they are threatened by the Mayor and others that their water will be cut off immediately by the city. Most people want to know what’s wrong, but the Mayor never does any more than to say you have a leak on your side of the water meter — pay up. Now I have seen many bills over the last three years. What I find in common is that the usage of water has increased from 50 percent to 100 percent and even more. Example, a citizen who lives in Jenkins and constantly has used for many, many years an amount of 2,000 to 3,000 gallons then all of a sudden they get a bill for 7,000 to 8,000 gallons, almost double their payment for water and sewer. They cannot afford this, yet they still pay in fear of having no water.

I have sent a letter and have talked with the Assistant Attorney General. I even sent him five water bills that proved what I have said. He referred me to the County Attorney. I went to him three times. He thumbed his nose at all of the citizens of Jenkins. Good old boys politics. I went to the Commonwealth Attorney and he didn’t have the will or thought I had no case to investigate an incumbent mayor and his accomplices. Every day that goes by, water bills will continue to be paid by the citizens of Jenkins. Now the businesses in Jenkins are losing sales because the income is going to the city and the people do not have extra money to buy necessary items that they must have to maintain their health and home and many other things they must have just to live.

Most all the citizens know I have fought for justice concerning this matter and I will not stop until the city is investigated and you citizens get your money refunded to you, every last citizen, and that you will pay only for the amount of water you use, not one ounce more.

I feel that the county offi cials who could stop this have stood idly by and have allowed many older citizens and the people in Jenkins to suffer and to be scared by the way they are treated when they complain to the Mayor. He tells them they must pay or their water will be cut off .

Last month the City of Jenkins paid out $329,136 and our infrastructure is in disaster and it looks like they are going to keep it that way to the end of this term. Out of the $329,136 Jenkins spent, less than $3,000 was used to fix the streets. Our streets are in shambles with standing, sticking water in the ditches and potholes that resemble war torn Third World nations. I invite all the county officials to come and look at these roads. It’s almost impossible for homeowners to get to their driveways as water has washed down both sides of the road digging out driveways. Many are a foot deep and this does damage to their cars.

This is another hidden tax to the people of Jenkins. I am asking the Commonwealth Attorney to come and investigate the water debacle and restore our citizens’ faith in government.


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