Whitesburg KY

Jenkins drill set

Jenkins Police Chief Jim Stephens announced that the Jenkins Police Department will hold an active shooter drill at Jenkins High School on December 18.

Stephens said the purpose of the scheduled program is to the gauge response time of police, medical personnel and other responders in the case of an emergency at the high school.

Stephens said some officials will be wearing heavy body armor and some police will be carrying unloaded long guns.

“I’ve got it designed that it is as close to real without anybody getting hurt,” said Stephens.

Stephens said people should not be alarmed if they see students walking out of the school building with their hands on their heads. He said that is a standard practice, which is for the safety of the students and the emergency crews involved.

Stephens said it is important for parents not to come to the school if it were a real emergency.

“We want to stress we do not need parents at the school because they will interfere with emergency crews,” said Stephens. “They can actually cause more harm than good by keeping us from doing what we need to do.”

Stephens said in the event of a real emergency, his department would keep the public informed about what was going on and parents would be able to pick their children up at either the Methodist Church on Main Street or at the Jenkins Volunteer Fire Department.

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