Whitesburg KY

Jenkins Early Start, Head Start mark year with Dinosaur Safari

May 29, Jenkins Head Start had a roaring good day with a Dinosaur Safari celebration. Several activities took place around the Jenkins center that day.

Dinosaurs were everywhere and the games included dinosaur hopscotch, dinosaur shape art, carving a dinosaur, dinosaurs in the water, and a dinosaur bone hunt, in which the children had to cross a tar pit to put their bones onto the dinosaur replica wall.

The Letcher County Sheriff ‘s Department was on hand to I.D. all the little dinosaurs in case one went amiss in the dangerous safari.

Afterward, the families and friends went inside for lunch and time with their child in the classroom. They then had a ceremony where they gave their graduates a trophy and a certificate. The returning children were also given a trophy and certificate.

The grand finale was a dinosaur piñata that was made by Carolyn Davis, a staff member at Jenkins. Each child also received a Jenkins Early/Head Start tshirt. Several parent volunteers were also presented with a certificate. Those parents include Imogene Fleming, Joe Rowe, Misty Stiltner, Margaret Looney, Rita Macniak, Lon Collier, Irada Bailey, Brenda Thompson and Rhonda Triplett.

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