Whitesburg KY

Jenkins High School




When you think of high school, what do you see?

This is the picture that comes to me:

A high school is people — teenagers and all.

It’s assemblies and classes and a rush in the hall.

It’s panic at grade cards; it’s memories of gold;

It’s thrills and excitement that never grow old.

Suspense fills the hallways, and rivalry’s keen.

All yearn for a scholarship; who will be Queen?

A high school means many clubs with their fun,

And everyone working till all tasks are done;

Tense moments at ballgames

— Will we win or not?

That J.H.S. spirit means more than we thought!

What is a high school? What is its story?

We’ve told it here in all its glory!

With all these things in mind, We, the Annual Staff of 1966, present to you the CAVALIER.

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