Whitesburg KY

Jenkins honor students

Jenkins Elementary School has released its second six weeks honor roll. Students named to the honor roll are:

Third grade All A Honor Roll:

Jaylee Collier, Serenitee Doderer, Bryson Taylor, Delaney Johnson, Jacob Kelly, and Kayleigh Mullins.

Third grade A/B Honor Roll:

Alex Pittman, Caleb Morgan, Charlee Hale, Jacob Sexton, Jayden Baker, Shayla Stacy, John Bryson Addington, Lynsey Anderson, Trent Carty, Summer Charles, Zachary Gibson, Kaysee Hamilton, Camron Johnson, Hailey Maggard, Nicholas Richie, Brianna Turner, and Chloe Wolfe.

Fourth grade All A Honor Roll:

Austin Johnson, Bradley Wyatt, Savannah Wright, Kenna Anderson, Lindsey Rose, Arielle Campbell, Landon Moore, Jonathan Potter, Linzey Robinson, and Mackenzie Elswick.

Fourth grade A/B Honor Roll:

Josh Wagner, Nathan Yeary, Savannah Mullins, Amber Stanley, Justin Helton, and Mason Ballou.

Fifth grade All A Honor Roll:

Abigail Bentley, Arianna Bentley, Paul Breeding

Jimmy Ray Hall, Julie Kiser, Makala Stambaugh, T J Thompson, and Mickey Ward

Fifth grade A/B Honor Roll:

Keyton Haley, Jasmine Holyfield, Miranda Milam, Landon Mullins, Brady Rose, Shane Slone, and Tyler Worrix.

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