Whitesburg KY

Jenkins may be site for re-enactment

If you should see German Panzer tanks and U.S. Sherman tanks going at each other near Jenkins in the next couple of years, it’s not an episode from The History Channel.

The Jenkins City Council said this week it will entertain a suggestion from John Back, a veteran Civil War re-enactor who has worked with the Battle of Leatherwood, to host a World War II reenactment at the Gateway Industrial Park. Back visited the July meeting of the Jenkins City Council and said a group of World War II re-enactors he knows is interesting in staging reenactments in Letcher County and the industrial park is a perfect site with easy access and a large site to present the battles.

Back said the timing is perfect for re-enacting World War II battles, with the war in its 70th anniversary and a World War II monument being built at Jenkins. He said a World War II reenactment here would be the only one in Kentucky and could present a major opportunity for tourism.

In other business, the council learned that Benny McCall, who serves as city pastor and pastor of the Burdine Freewill Baptist Church, has been appointed as city revenue officer to administer the new payroll tax. Kincer said the job will be very demanding and will require a good deal of effort. He told the council McCall has a background in financial management with the Lowe’s home improvement chain.

Kincer also told the council that a water leak in a line that ran near Raven Rock Golf Course had lost about 50,000 gallons a day and said the line was a thirdparty line that had been put in during construction of the Gateway Industrial Park and the golf course and then turned over to the city. He said it didn’t appear on any city maps of water lines and had been very difficult to locate.

Kincer also gave an update on the swimming pool plans and said the pool will be zero entry (sloping down with no step-off ) and will be no deeper than five feet. Kincer also said all the trees on the site, the old Bert Fields property, are being cut to keep leaves out of the filtration system. The house will be converted into a community center with changing rooms for the pool and a snack bar.

Kincer also told the council the city is looking at purchasing a tractor-trailer to haul garbage to Pikeville and plans to contract with Pikeville to dispose of it. Kincer said that is the best way to keep from having to raise garbage rates.

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