Whitesburg KY

Jenkins student’s balloon travels almost 500 miles

In March, during Read Across America Week in honor of author Dr. Seuss’s birthday, each of the 200 Jenkins Elementary School students was given a helium-filled balloon with a card attached that read:

“Our school released these balloons in honor of Read Across America Week. If you find this, please write us a letter and send it to: Jenkins Elementary School, 11497 Hwy 805. Burdine, KY 41517.”

One balloon belonged to William Adams of Jenkins. He is in preschool and he wrote on his tag that his favorite book is “Pete the Cat”.

The balloon was found hanging in a tree by Donna and Carlton Hartis, who live in Danville, Va., on the border of Virginia and North Carolina, 247 miles from Jenkins. They wrote to William saying, “We love to read to our grandchildren. They like “Green Eggs and Ham” the best. Keep reading!”

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