Whitesburg KY

Jenkins wants ‘Lake Walk’ funds

The Jenkins City Council voted unanimously this week to authorize a resolution to allow the city to apply for a grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund that will allow the city to begin its long awaited Lake Walk Project.

Mayor Todd Depriest told the council that the initial grant will not be enough to fund the entire project at one time, and said that the city will either begin the work by building along one side of the lake or building six piers that can be connected together as the foundation of a walkway.

In other business, the council also voted unanimously to approve a pay request for $217,010.02 for work done as part of Phase IV of the city’s Waterline Replacement Project. Phase IV is for replacing lines in the Dunham area. The requisition include $142,510.62 to the contractors, Ronnie Mullins and Sons; $57,063.11 for the tank contractor, Kentucky Glass Lined Tank; $5,000 to the Kentucky River Area Development District for administrating the project funding, and $12,436.29 to Nesbitt Engineering for engineering fees.

The council voted unanimously to place five city vehicles for auction at the annual LKLP auction. Mayor Depriest told the council that three vehicles have already been declared surplus and the council voted to declare a 2004 Ford Expedition and the old water company Jeep surplus as well. Depriest said that the city would probably do well enough from the auction to pay for the replacement vehicles and that it was the best way to get good price.

Depriest also announced that the city will be flushing fire hydrants in the next few weeks. He said flushing will serve two purposes, to improve water quality and to help the city to make certain that hydrants are up to the standards required for the ISO (Insurance Services Office’s) Fire Suppression Rating. The ISO rating determines the price homeowners pay for fire insurance. Depriest said the city’s ISO rating went down after the last inspection, but a general increase in insurance rates canceled out the gains homeowners may have made. He said he hopes this time some savings will be realized.

The council voted to allow the Elkhorn Shrine Cub to hold a fundraising roadblock in Jenkins on August 6.

The city produced 12,910,000 gallons of treated water in March and sold 6,089,000 gallons, for a difference of 6,821,000 gallons, or a 53 percent potential loss. Of that amount, 4,585,000 gallons were accounted for through line breaks (1,836,000 gallons), and other uses, including 1,535,000 gallons used in the water treatment plant.

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