Whitesburg KY

Jenkins will get fireworks show New Year’s Eve

The citizens of Jenkins will get to ring — or blast —the New Year in with a fireworks show after all.

Carl “King” Addington, whose delivery of $2,100 worth of fireworks was turned down by city officials last week, now says he will donate enough pyrotechnics to put on the second show of what he hopes will become an annual tradition in the City of Jenkins.

“I’ve cleared everything with the city and the fire department will shoot them,” Addington said of the fireworks show, which is scheduled to start around 6 p.m. on New Year’s Eve.

After producing a New Year’s fireworks show in Jenkins last year,

Addington approached outgoing Mayor G.C. Kincer Jr. about doing another show this year and was given permission.

However, when he arrived at City Hall to deliver the fireworks early last week he was unable to collect payment after Kincer decided against going forward with the show after two city councilmen — Robert Adams and Rick Damron — objected to the cost involved.

Addington says he holds no hard feelings towards Adams or Damron and hopes they will come to see the fireworks show, which he said would have a finale of pink bursts “dedicated to cancer victims and survivors of yesterday, today and the future.”

“ I want to personally invite Rick Damron, Robert

Adams and the other council members,” King said, adding that he hopes all City Hall employees and other workers for the town will show up as well.

“I’d like to have them all come and support their city,” Addington said.

According to Addington, he is donating about $1,800 worth of pyrotechnics for the show.

“They’re excellent fireworks,” he said.

Addington said he hopes Jenkins citizens will start shooting fireworks on New Year’s Eve the way they used to many years ago. King said it was once a Jenkins tradition for some miners to go into the hills and shoot off dynamite when the New Year arrived.

“ Maybe the fireworks part of it is an old tradition we can bring back,” said King.

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