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Doty School reunion draws a crowd

Reports are that all who attended the Doty Days school reunion had a good time. Over 50 people came out to enjoy the day and recall old times at the schoolhouse. Quite a few came in from other state to their old “holler” neighborhood school.

Claude Caudill of Ohio, and Dianna, his daughter, came in for the day and while on Doty they also went up to the Raleigh Cemetery. Hester Rice and her sister, Dana, also walked up to the cemetery where their parents are buried. Dianna said they all made the uphill walk but it was a tough climb.

The Letcher Area Homemakers met for our June meeting at the home of Peggy and Rudell Blair at Sycamore. We had a very nice outdoor meeting in the backyard under the trees and it was nice and a cool place to meet. The birds were singing while we had a tasty lunch and a business meeting. Everyone enjoyed the day and before we left Peggy and Joanne gave us a tour of their love homes.

The next day they had Myrtle Blair a birthday get-together in the backyard where we had met the day before. Lots of Myrtle’s family and friends got together to help her have a happy birthday and she really enjoyed the day.

We hope Tonya Wright of Isom, is feeling better after having to be in the hospital recently. Most all of us around the area know and love Tonya and hope she is feeling better.

We also hope David “Buzz” Adams is feeling better.

There was a church house full of family and friends last Sunday who came out for the memorial of the deceased members of the Blair Branch Church. We had a good service and Eugene “Bub” Watts joined the church but will take his membership to the Cedar Grove Church. After services, we had dinner and most stayed to eat dinner and have fellowship with each other.

Dick and Pat Adams and others in the area recently attended a family wedding in North Carolina.

Stella Elam and some of her family have returned after vacationing in Florida and reported a nice trip.

Mamie Engle had to have tests run and the doctors gave hr a good report. She had finished her chemo recently and the tests showed she is cancer free. Her daughters have been taking turns helping her out.

Roy and Barbara Culp recently attended the funeral of Barbara’s cousin, Alan Back. It was held in Ohio where he lived. I believe he was the son of the late Denver Back and his wife.

We were sorry to learn that Merle and Eolia Caudill’s 16- year-old grandson had died. His funeral was held at Flemingsburg and he was laid to rest in Lincoln County. Ellis, Ila and Scott Adams were planning on attending at the graveside to be with Eolia and the family.

Howard Adams Jr. has gotten home from the hospital and his family and friends are staying with him and helping him out.

Cora Lee Adams said she and her family all enjoyed their family reunion held at Smith Branch in Knott County. They stayed all night in their old homeplace and had a good reunion.

Hope all fathers had a nice Father’s Day on Sunday.

Roy Kenon and Billie Jean Smith of Ohio, stayed over the weekend with Lee and Wilma Pridemore. Billie is staying here till Wednesday to visit family and cousins.

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