Whitesburg KY


Get well wishes to Vada Blair, who has been having problems with her back and sciatic nerve. Hope it is better by this time.

I forgot to mention a while back Ruth Ann Brown had fallen, and I think, had broken her shoulder.

Burnett and Michael Burnett Caudill have been making maple syrup this year. A while lot of work for a tasty treat, and by the time it boils down there’s not a lot to share.

Wayne Whitaker also made a batch of maple syrup recently.

Wilma and Lee Pridemore have a new greatgrandson. Keiran Michael Holbrook was born on March 1 to Holly and Jordan, and weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces.

Tracy Madden and his mom, Florene are also grandparent and greatgrandparent to little Keiran. Sorry, but I don’t know Jordan’s family. Hannah and Jacob are auntie and uncle.

Toby and Colleen Breeding have returned from their winter trip to Florida and we’re all happy to have them back home.

This weekend will be church time at Blair Branch and all are welcome to attend.

Richard and Joyce Hampton and their singing group have a new CD out of gospel songs, and they are available for sale.

Beulah Blair Barrier recently died at her home in North Carolina. She was a daughter of the late Little Benny and Bessie Blair of Black Bottom, and has many family members here who mourn her passing.

Don and Coreen Pridemore, Liberty Campbell, Jerry and Bonita Adams all went to Morehead for Sadie Gilliam’s third birthday party. It was a Saturday party, but her birthday is St. Patrick’s Day.

Out of time. Sorry for all I’ve forgotten to mention. Have a good week.

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