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Jeremiah area saddened by the death of Sue Caudill


Jeremiah and the surrounding areas were deeply saddened by the death of Sue Caudill of Doty Creek. Since she had had surgery, she had been staying with her daughter, Sherry, in Cynthiana. She was taking treatments and took a turn for the worst and died on August 4.

A large crowd of family and friends came by the funeral home for visitation and also on Friday for the funeral at Blair Branch Church. Sue had made many friends throughout the years and was a hard worker, both at home and at the John B. Adams Store. She had worked at John B.’s for around 24 years.

After Hillard died in 1998, she continued to live in the old homeplace of Hillard’s parents, James Jesse and Chloe, and kept the place neat and tidy throughout her life. Sue always kept a variety of animals around the place to keep her company including, goats, turkeys, guineas, dogs and cats.

Our sympathy goes out to Sherry and Trish and the grandchildren as well as her brother and sisters and also to her close friend and companion for the last eight years, Dock Adams. She took good care of Dock through the years and Dock did the same for her. If one of them needed to be looked after, the other saw that it was done. Hillard’s family came in to pay their last respects to Sue too. We saw Hubert, Vina, Opal, Lonzo and Coleman and some of their families there. The older folks who grew up on Doty were always close to each other and come together at times like these.

We’re glad that Lowell Caudill of Doty Creek, is feeling some better. He spent a few days in the hospital recently and appreciates everyone’s visits and prayers. Some workers from Homes Incorporated built Lowell a wheelchair ramp last week which will really help out.

A birthday party was given for Martha Jane Smith last Friday evening at Blair Branch Church. There were about 35 family and friends attending to wish her a happy birthday. William Douglas and his family from California were there.

Flarie Caudill is doing much better and will probably be home by the time the paper comes out. She is walking some around the rehab unit at Hazard and her family checks on her daily. She and Coleman’s son, Gary, and his wife were in for his Aunt Sue’s funeral.

Wayne and Brenda Caudill Adams are official Doty Creekers now. They bought and moved into the Arnold and Dana Blair home and are happy to be on Doty.

We hope Stephanie Raleigh Boggs is feeling better, after a recent sick spell she had on her way to Lawrenceburg. She and Darrell were going to visit their children and grandchildren when it happened.

Ebb Blair has been in visiting his brothers and sisters recently. Ebb is the son of the late Little Bennie and Bessie Blair.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Jeff Mitchell of Red Star, who died Friday. His funeral was held on Sunday at the Mt. Olivet Church at Blackey. Patsy Howard and her daughter, Barb, were in from Georgia for the funeral.

This weekend is church time at the Blair Branch Church. Everyone is welcome to come.

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