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Jerry Collins earned right to say whatever he wants

To the Editor:

This letter is concerning those making comments about former Millstone resident Jerry Collins after he visited a recent meeting of the Letcher County Fiscal Court.

Jerry is a friend of mine who graduated with me from Fleming- Neon High School in 1965. All who chose to bad-mouth Jerry should be ashamed of the comments you made about him in “Speak Your Piece.” He chose to write a letter to The Mountain Eagle, after which someone chose to call him a whining loudmouth and a “nobody.”

When I visit Letcher County, the bridges I drive across are named in honor of Letcher County veterans who gave all for Letcher County and the United States. When I go to the War Memorial, I read the names of the men on that memorial and wonder what they would think of you who showed such disrespect for Jerry Collins. Most of you would never understand.

I read “Speak Your Piece” and find it comical and interesting, at times. Jerry Collins stated that he paid taxes in Letcher County; the rest he chose not to address, which is the right he earned by his military service. He is free to say what he wants to say as a representative of his friends and neighbors who asked him to speak in their behalf concerning the issue with garbage in Millstone.

Those of you who criticized Jerry Collins never received a letter from the President of the United States saying, “Greetings, your friends and neighbors have selected you to serve in the United States military ….” I remember, do you?

Whether you agree with me is not important. What is important is the respect Jerry deserves. I’m sure if you have a problem with what he says he will be more than willing to talk or listen.

The one thing that I have noticed is that those who chose to bad-mouth Jerry Collins in “Speak Your Piece” chose not to reveal who you they are by signing a letter to the editor like he does. That tells me something about them.

I am a former resident of Letcher County and a Vietnam War veteran.

Chester, Virginia

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