Whitesburg KY

Jerry Collins responds

To the Editor:

I was recently informed that I had been threatened in your newspaper. He or she had threatened to investigate my personal information and sue me.

Perhaps I can help this ‘anonymous’ person in their quest.

You will quickly learn that I have no voting or police record anywhere. You will find no vehicle or driver’s license, no hunting or fishing license, no gun registration or concealed carry permit, no bank account, credit report or visible means of support.

I belong to no clubs, fraternities or organizations. I paid $868.00 in taxes in Letcher County in 2011.

I only came to the meeting because my Millstone friends (the finest neighbors I have ever had) asked me to be there. I drove 423 miles to get there.

Someday you may learn that it’s not ‘all about you,’ but the greater good of all should take precedence.

I’m sure some lawyer will take your money to sue me, but collecting anything from me will quickly overwhelm you.

No one ever has.


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