Whitesburg KY

Jesse Quillen goes turkey hunting


Jesse Quillen went turkey hunting this weekend. He had a good time with a new gun and with his buddy, Steve Brewer, but the cold weather got to him.

He and his family had been to Florida and the cold temperatures were just a bit much after leaving 80-degree weather. Better luck next time, Jesse.

Maxine Quillen, Jack, Krystal and Jesse were in Florida for spring break. Maxine said the only fault to being patted down at the airport was that it wasn’t a good-looking man doing the patting. She said they enjoyed the trip even though Jesse got too much sun.

Frank, Lisa and Keegan Elkins were at the cabin in Illinois for the week, riding four-wheelers and enjoying the wildlife. So glad they had a great time. I bet Julie missed them a lot.

Prayers please for Clester’s nephew, Steve Isaacs. He is in a hospital in Michigan with pneumonia and is on a ventilator. He was having a hard time breathing. I know his dad and mom are so worried about him. Dannie and Geraldine both live in Tennessee, as does his sister, Diana.

Tommy and Betty Stansberry were in Richmond for a couple days with their daughters and their grandkids. I know they had a good time. Jennifer lives in Richmond and Melissa in Georgetown.

I went to a tourism meeting Thursday. We had a special lady talking about the plans for a concert to support autism in Letcher County. Also attending were Donna Boggs, Debbie Hogg and Dr. David Narramore.

Happy birthday to my cousin, Judy Sturgill Mangus. Also to Sudie Wynn Day, who was my friend Grace Wynn’s daughter.

Casper, Grace and children were our next-door neighbors in Beaver Dam. I love this family. They were good neighbors and friends.

A very special little girl was having her first birthday this week, Miss Kyleigh Marie Hall, daughter of Samantha Hall. Her grandparents are Jeff and Margaret Johnson Hall and her greatgrands are Melvin Hall and Lettie Slone Hall. Kyleigh looks just like her mom and grandmother Margaret.

Congratulations to Mark and Amber Richardson on the birth of their precious daughter, Maci. Maci came a little early but looks perfect. Jerry and Brenda are walking on clouds and so is her greatgranny, Ann Thomas. Can’t wait to see and hold her.

Keep prayers going for all that are sick and hurting. May God bless each of you.

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