Whitesburg KY

Jessica and Ross Cline welcome new baby

Hello everyone. What a busy week it’s been.

Keep my son Mike in prayer. He was admitted to the hospital in Greensburg, Ind., and has probably had two toes removed by this time. Both were full of infection.

Just pray that he does not lose his foot. Chad sent pictures over the phone and it really looks bad. I hate that I could not be there for surgery.

Still having play practice, trying to get a small portion ready for Seedtime and Cowan Music School and a full production for Mountain Heritage Festival.

Hoping it can be pulled together in time. Kind of getting stressed.

Glad to see a new Christian bookstore, “God’s Goal”, in Whitesburg in the large pink building by the community college. Hoping it is successful and hoping Taco Bell gets finished before I move away.

Wish Whitesburg had a nice movie theater in town. I have to drive to Pikeville or Norton, Va., to see a movie.

Still trying to sell Mike’s Amish building for $3,500. It’s wired for electricity and big enough for one or two people to live in. It has to be moved. He is taking a big loss on it, and I need to get busy and sell most of my stuff.

Big Cowan

It has been so rainy you cannot have an outside yard sale, so will try to have one inside, or just let people come in a look. Call 633- 0439 before you come and tell me what you are looking for.

Prayers this week for Jeanne and Frank Adams, Brenda Stone, Freda Campbell, Mike Fields, Emma Wacks, Darrell Holbrook, Greg Fields, Archie and Margaret Fields, Pam Fields, Irene and Eugene Day, Teresa Sturgill, Dana and Doug Sturgill, Agnes Maggard, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Loraine Stuart and Danny Adams.

Cathy and Keith Boggs are grandparents to a granddaughter, Aria, a daughter of Jessica and Ross Cline, who live in West Virginia. She is adorable and weighed seven pounds, one ounce and was 19ΒΌ inches long. Congratulations to all. She has a big brother, Jackson, at home.

Graduation is this week. Congratulations to all. Your journey just begins, so make the best of it.

Some will go to college, some getting married, some getting jobs, and some starting families. Just put your trust in God and make the right decisions. Your future depends on the choices you make.

Also saw pictures of young people getting ready for their eighth- grade dance, and looking so beautiful and handsome. Hope they all had a good time.

My niece, Pam Fields, is out of the hospital. Still weak and having trouble walking. Praying she gets stronger.

Memorial Day is coming and I have so many family members that have gone on before, but I thank God for allowing them to be part of my life and the things I learned from each of them.

You will never be forgotten. Always in my heart. Parents, in-laws, aunts, nephews, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, and hope to see all of them some day.

In memory for the month of May, David Dobson would have been 55 May 1; Nova Lee Sexton Fields died five years ago, May 9; Mary Jacobs’s birthday would have been May 12; Bill King and Euncie Hall died four years ago, May 13; Nicklas Clark Fields died four years ago, May 18; Nila Turner died five years ago, May 19; Sonia Fields died a year ago, May 20; Philmore Fields died six years ago on May 22; and Jessie Combs would have been 76 on May 29.

Well folks, got to go and get this turned in. Have a great week, attend the church of your choice, and may God bless.

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