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Jig is bait to help you through winter

Gabby’s fishing fever

There are few baits that are truly effective for catching fish year round, but the jig is one bait that can really claim that title.

The jig, when fished right, can catch bass on the hottest or the coldest day of the year. This makes this bait a top choice of cool weather anglers. This is one of my all-time favorite baits and one of the best producing baits for bass in colder weather.

In water below 50 degrees, largemouth bass will become less active and will look for deeper warmer water to hold on, making their strike zone or area they will move to strike bait much smaller. This is where bait like a jig is custom made for fishing for cool water. This bait has good weight to it and can be cast with good accuracy to a selected target area. And the weight allows the bait to be fished tight to and in and around deeper cover, making it perfect bait for this type of fishing.

You can fish this bait as slow as you want to, making it much easier for a sluggish bass to find. But that is the largemouth bass. The smallmouth bass is a whole different story. These fish are much more at home in even in very cold temperatures. But this same bait will work great for these more active bass. And they will hold in shallow water also, even in the winter.

So if you need a bait to do some winter bass fishing, the jig is your bait.

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