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John Campbell kills sixth copperhead


Hello everyone – August is about over and it is amazing how quickly the month has gone. I am glad we have had cooler weather as the heat and humidity were intense for a few days.

Last Monday, Faye Campbell and I took a painting class at Reflections. We painted a picture of pumpkins, which was fun. It was good seeing Donna Watts and Earlene Williams at the class. I met Earlene’s sister, Glenna Harris. In the 1960s Earlene and my aunt, Susan Stamper, had a beauty shop in downtown Whitesburg. It was called the Su-Lene. I remember going in there after school on my way to the library. I hope to do more paint classes as it’s a fun activity.

Mike and I were driving across the mountain to go to town one day and there was a bear on the side of the road. We slowed down and the bear looked at us and seemed to pose. He then walked across the road while still watching us. When he got to the other side, he crossed the railing and looked at us. The bear seemed to be waiting on us to take his picture and I couldn’t get to my phone to take the picture. This was the first bear I’ve seen since we have moved to Letcher County.

Friends from Niceville, Fla., stopped by for a visit. Gerry and Cherie Freisthler had driven to Dayton, Ohio, to visit family for a few days and on their way to Norris Lake, Tenn., they stopped by to visit us. This was their first visit to Letcher County. We ate at Pine Mountain Grill before they had to leave. It was good seeing them and the visit was wonderful.

Carol Caudill, Patsy Adams, Helen Tolliver, and Sheila Webb had a great time on their Smoky Mountain trip. They rented a cabin in Sevierville, Tenn. They did a lot of talking and catching up with each other. They ate breakfast together every morning at the cabin and ate dinner out every night. They have been friends since school days. It was a needed restful time together.

John Campbell and his two dogs killed another copperhead. This was number six. Jeff Vice of Flemingsburg killed number four on Kingdom Come. They aren’t in a contest but they sure kill the snakes.

I had a pedicure at Jenny Lea Academy. The young lady, Tracy, that worked on me is finishing the program this month and she plans to work in Cumberland. She will graduate on September 6, 2019 and then she’ll sign up for license test. She said she was glad she did this program. Congratulations to all the students completing the program.

Debbie Vice of Flemingsburg and Jenny Stigers of Crestview came in to stay at Kingdom Come for a couple days. They worked on their place to get it ready for the upcoming Ison reunion. Mike and I met Debbie and Jenny at Black Sheep Pizza on Friday. It was a nice time. The pizza was great and the music was fabulous. I was disappointed that there weren’t very many people there. Every Friday evening there is music provided as you dine.

Libby Honeycutt, Juanita Caudill, Evelyn Fields-Cosgriff, Ella Caudill, and Katie Caudill had a fun Saturday. They went to the Farmer’s Market and then ate breakfast at Pine Mountain Grill. They took a drive through the countryside and came upon the Pine Mountain Settlement School They found coffee “better than Starbucks”. Katie and Ella had Pumpkin Spice White Chocolate coffee. They all had a good time together.

Laura Harris of Lexington came in for the weekend to visit her parents, Bob and Ramona Caudill. Laura and Ramona did some shopping in Virginia. They had a good time with the visit.

Jerry and Charity Hall of Indiana came in to visit Ramona and Bob Caudill. Charity and Ramona are sisters. They are all planning a trip to Gatlinburg, Tenn., for a few days.

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Mike heard a noise, which sounded like something had hit the wall. I was still up and didn’t hear it. About an hour after I went to bed, there was a big noise. It seemed to be part of my dream but I woke up. Mike and I thought there might be an animal on the porch so he got up and went out on the top decks. He didn’t see anything and then he checked the bottom porches, nothing had been disturbed. It was back to sleep for us. About thirty minutes later there was a big noise like something hit the house. I yelled and we both jumped up. Mike turned on the bedroom light and we discovered the cause of the noise. The closet shelving had broken and fallen. All of our clothes were on the floor. The previous two noises were from the shelving starting to break. It ended up being funny. Mike spent all Friday morning fixing the shelving and putting the clothes up. That evening as we were getting ready to go out, there was a big crash again. The shelving unit fell again. It’s going to require a lot of reconstruction.

Mike and I made a quick trip to Ohio over the weekend. We went to Coldwater, Ohio, for a family picnic with Mike’s brothers and families. Everyone was there except for three. It was good seeing everyone. We had a picnic at Coldwater Community Park. Mike and I stayed at a hotel in Celina, Ohio, and Grand Lake looked so pretty as we drove by it. Before leaving Ohio, we met one son at Skyline Chili for lunch. We were home on Sunday evening.

We checked into the hotel before we went to Coldwater. As we were leaving and walking to the truck, I realized I didn’t have my cellphone. Mike went back to the room to get it. He seemed to be taking a while so I went back to help. We couldn’t find the phone. I knew I had texted a son while I was in the hallway and I checked with the front desk but they didn’t have a phone. After the picnic, we searched the room again when we got back. Mike didn’t have his cellphone with him so he couldn’t call my phone. I finally was able to get hold of my brother through Facebook. He called my phone and we heard the phone. The hotel had a decorative spread across the bottom of the bed and the phone was under that. I guess when I put my purse and stuff on the bed, the phone slipped under the decorative spread. It seems like something happens every time we travel.

Mike, John, Faye, and I play cards most nights and one evening I won two games straight. My niece, Janis Marr of Berea, knew that I had won and she sent me a note card congratulating me on the game. She even drew pictures for me. I laughed a lot over the card. The best part is that I had been thinking that people don’t send letters to each other anymore. Everything is now text or email. In grade school, I discovered that people will write back and I wrote a lot of letters. To me, there’s something special about getting an actual letter in the mail. My mother wanted her grandchildren to write her so she would send them a dollar if they wrote her a letter. One of my sons was wanting extra money and wrote his ‘grandmom’ twice a week for about a month.

I have been getting form letters and phone calls about Medicare. Companies are wanting my business. I do enjoy telling them I already have a broker and I’m signed up. I am looking forward to being on Medicare so I can stop the Cobra insurance.

Here is a list of September birthdays. Please send me an email if I left out someone.

Sept. 7 – Griffin Scroggins Sept. 10 – Greg Wenning, Sarah Hartwell Pittman Sept. 11 – Hazelee Vice Sept. 13 – Penny Banks Holbrook Sept. 14 – Molly Vice, Tony Ware Sept. 15 – Todd Campbell Sept. 18 – Derek Sigrest Sept. 20 – Frieda Boggs Johnson Sept. 21 – Kendall Ison Sept. 22 – Doris Ison, Donna Watts Sept. 24 – Linda Lucas Sept. 25 – Patsy Adams Sept. 26 – Ernie Ison, Jason Banks Sept. 28 – Mackenzie Nicole Zehr Sept. 29 – Hank Evans Sept. 30 – Judy Barge

The Social Media quote of the week is: “Staying positive doesn’t mean you have to be happy all the time. It means that even on hard days, you know that there are better ones coming.”

If you have any news you would like to share, please email me CowanNews@aol.com. Thanks.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the cooler weather.

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