Whitesburg KY

John Howard recovering from eye surgery

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

Are you getting ready for the snow they are threatening us with? I’m never ready because I try not to get out. I’m scared of ice and snow.

I got a call from Linda Hall the other day. She liked the picture of the Marlowe coal miners a long time ago in last week’s news. She thought my dad looked like her dad, Henry Pennington. They were both small men with big smiles and beautiful white hair and were loved by all their family and friends.

My brother John Howard had eye surgery last week and it went well. We are all pleased and glad he’s back home.

My son Billy and wife Sandra went to Pine Mountain

Grill on Friday and saw a lot of friends and my brother Jack and wife Donna, who makes the world’s best candy and shares it with all of us and we appreciate it so much. They also saw the quiet man. He’s not quiet, he’s an old friend from our Marlowe days who used to be in what used to be Belcraft. Like Marlowe, there were lots of people there when we had coal mines. I’ve always called him the quiet man because he likes to talk. I forgot his first name but he’s an Adams and went to Marlowe School when I did, a long, long time ago.

My grandson Rocky Day, son of Wendy and Kevin Day, has been in the hospital for a few days. He’s out now, but needs prayers.

I went to church at Calvary Temple on Friday night and enjoyed it and seeing friends. It was so good seeing Wanda Hatton. I’ve always appreciated her for being so good to her late husband, Kellis “Bud” Hatton. He has such a bad, unhappy life till he met and married her.


I always find myself sitting with Fred Evans and his wife. They are good friends and I’m always glad to see them.

I got a call from son Astor and wife Rosemary. They were on their way to visit her sister Pauline, who has been so sick, and her granddaughter Sonia Bevins was sick also. I hope they find them feeling better.

I haven’t heard from my old friends Elzie Ray Hatton, Bertha (Page) Dye and Iva (Absher) Cheatham. I hope they are all doing O.K.

I know this week I won’t be boring. I haven’t been out much to see anyone and I think everyone stays on Facebook instead of phone. I am not into that, not smart enough to learn.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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