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John Sturgill, daughter visit Eolia from Ohio


Greetings from the hills and valleys of Eolia and Eolia Christian Community Outreach.

Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil in not in vain in the Lord. 1 Corinthians 15:58

Summers at ECCO are always busy, but this year has been busier then usual. We received a trailer load of food from various churches in Illinois including the Mennonite, Catholic, Episcopal and Lutheran churches. This is a big boost for our pantry, because making 65 to 75 food boxes each month takes a big bite from our budget. We are grateful to all the volunteers that helped with the unloading.

We had our spaghetti dinner sale and I’m happy to say we did very well. Thanks to all the gals for helping out and a big thanks to Cumberland River Coal Co. and surface boss Danny Webb for their many orders.

I received an e-mail from Dave Hammond, our delivery man from UPS, telling us his sister, Beth, had died after a long battle with cancer. We extend our deepest sympathy to the family. Dave wants to thank everyone for their prayers. Beth left behind two daughters, age 13 and 17. Dave’s mom, age 74, will raise them. Please keep this family in your prayers.

The girls at Shortstop were on vacation so I had to hold down the fort. I really enjoy my little country store but I also love working at ECCO, so I just do a juggling act between the two.

I was happy to make the acquaintance of John Sturgill from Columbus, Ohio. John was visiting his brother, Worley Sturgill, and other kin and while here he and his daughter, Brenda, stopped for lunch at Shortstop. I was too young to remember John when he lived at Eolia, but he knew all my family.

He left at the age of 18 and married a gal from West Virginia, but I certainly remember his sister, Grace. I recall as a teenager attending pajama parties at the home of Grace along with five or six other girls. In the dead of winter we would sit up all night telling scary stories while Grace made peanut butter fudge on an old-fashioned cook stove. Ah, those carefree days of youth. I remember an old saying, “Youth is wasted on the young.” We really don’t appreciate those times until we look back and realize how good life was at that moment.

I enjoyed talking to John and learned he has two daughters. One daughter, Brenda, attends Kent University and the other is a doctor.

Thought for the day: “Be like a postage stamp – stick to one thing till you get there.”

News from the Ovenfork Senior Citizens Center by Jewell Maggard:

:Hi seniors, ‘this is the day the Lord has made, let us get up and rejoice in it.’ Look up this verse and put it to heart, Proverbs 3:5. We all have storms in our life. It can be loss of a loved one, pain in our body, financial problems or a number of things. Just remember, Jesus is always there to help and comfort us during our storms.

“The quilting ladies are working on a flower garden quilt. They have such a good time quilting and playing games at the center. Anyone 60 and up is welcome to join us; it’ll help pass your day.

“Jean Hunsucker just returned from a trip to New York. Jean said she had a wonderful time with her family, but she wouldn’t want to live there.

“Many of our seniors have health issues. They ask you please keep them in your prayers.”

Community bulletin board: Rockvine Baptist Church youth meets every Thursday at 6 p.m.; buses will run. Call 633-4948. Eolia Community Park Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at ECCO. All are welcome. Cumberland River Volunteer Fire Department meets at 11 a.m. the second. Sunday of each month at the Partridge Station. Volunteers welcome. Partridge Lions Club meets 6:30 the first and third Thursday of each month at the Ovenfork Senior Citizens Center. Come and bring a guest. ECCO’s thrift store open M-W-F 10-2 and the first Saturday of each month by Shelly Foley from 12-2. All are welcome.

This week our prayer list include: The family of Beth Hammond, Bear Hissom, Verna Rayburn, Curt Sturgill, Jr. Carter, Kess “Rusty” Halcomb, Ruth Halcomb, Randy Niece, Dorothy Nease, Ralph Crane, Doug Bird, those enslaved by drugs and alcohol, may they be delivered, the troops, in Iraq, the United States and Iraq, the leaders of our country, all the children hurt by war, and the ministry of ECCO.

Until next week from the folks at ECCO, “God bless.”

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