Whitesburg KY

Jonathan Hatton is now Dr. Jump

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well.

I have been busy — birthday parties, weddings, graduations, funerals, and lots of sick folks.

I went to the funeral of Nova ( Sexton) Fields on Thursday and I was touched to see so many of the Ermine senior citizens there. Rhuford and Colleen Hart were there. Colleen had a broken arm. We were sorry for that. Metry and Lorraine Kuracka were there, Lizzie Mae Wright, Jim Craft, Debbie Slone, and lots more. They are a caring bunch of people and our sympathy goes out to Debbie, Maggie Cook, Carol Johnson, the sisters, and to the brothers, Delmus, Lucky and Tracy Sexton.

We just heard Joe Pack Jr. had died. We had know Joe all his life. Our sympathy goes out to his wife Peggy and the rest of the family. He had been in poor health for some time.

I really enjoyed the Mother’s Day dinner with Sandra and her friends at Parkway Restaurant, but it was sad to see so many of the mothers were no longer with us. The mothers are so much younger now. I thought I was the only older one. Kim Sergent’s mom was there. I can’t ever remember her name except they call her Jo and she is a retired nurse and a very sweet lady. If I start calling names, I will leave someone out. I enjoyed being with all of you and also the good food.

Charlie Hatton had open heart surgery and I got the news today he is doing well. He has had a hard time and all his friends will be glad he is doing well. Lots of his friends have been calling me to find out how he is.

Bro. Earnest Brock and wife Kathleen went to Cumberland College for the Bro. Claude Ely Day and they really enjoyed the day and brought home some great CD’s. Kathleen was so glad to see Sis Nellie Banks and her family of Indiana. Nellie has been a longtime friend, I think they said she was 93 years old. They met a lot of old friends there.

I remember Bro. Claude Ely from way back. He used to sing and preach at the radio station when it first started out. Everyone went out to hear him. He passed away in church in Indiana, I think in 1976. He was playing the piano and singing “Where Could I Go But to the Lord” and died instantly. Someone was taping it at the time. It was so sad, but I’m sure that was the way he would have wanted to go.

I went to a birthday party on Friday evening for oneyear old Eli James Hatton, son of Julie and Jamie Hatton. It was a big party for such a little fellow, but we had fun and had a large crowd. Diane and Dickie Adams and Sandra and Billy Hatton are the grandparents, and old Oma is the proud great-grandmother.

Kathleen Brock and her family went to hear the Kevin Wilson Band on Friday night at the church where James Pennington is pastor and they really enjoyed it. Kevin is really talented. He writes most of his songs and his sons play. I’ve seen them on the Beattyville station and they are good. Whitesburg

Linda and Larry Hatton spent two days at their camper last week and Sandra and Billy are at theirs this weekend. Our grandson Jonathan ‘Jump’ Hatton will be graduating next Saturday, May 21, from Pikeville Medical Center. We are so proud of you, Dr. Jonathan Hatton. Can we call you Dr. Jump? He and his wife Andrea sure have a pretty little girl, Kate. All my grandchildren are beautiful. I’m sure all of yours are too.

I got a call from Loretta Adams on Saturday. She said her brother- in- law Bradley Dean Neace of Frankfort died last week, leaving his wife, Lillian (Adams) Neace, and one son, Greg and his wife Sylvia, and two grandchildren. She said her son Gary Neal Adams still wasn’t doing too well and hadn’t been able to walk in 4 ½ months. I hope he gets better soon.

I hope everyone’s gardens are doing good. They sure have had lots of rain. That also makes the weeds grow. I don’t have anyplace for a garden. Clyde used to go up on the hill and dig it up and plant beans, lots of them. I don’t think I’ll be doing that. It’s easier to go to the stores. It doesn’t taste as good. I have two tomato plants and a basket of strawberry plants that are doing real good.

Ada (Miller) King of Miamisburg, Ohio, I hope you are still doing OK. I’ve been meaning to call you.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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