Whitesburg KY

Joshua Engle, Ashley Daniels wed


Congratulations to Joshua Engle of Carcassonne and Ashley Daniels of Harlan. They were married Saturday, June 22, at Harlan at the Grays Knob Church of God. Joshua is the son of Marty and Helen Engle of Carcassonne. Sylvia is the daughter of Ronnie and Sylvia Daniels of Harlan.

Happy birthday to Carol Brown of Blackey. It was on June 8. Carla Smith Whitesburg celebrated her birthday on the 7th, Robert Eldridge of Letcher on the 11th, Suzy Madden on the 11th, Molly Hope Campbell of Ulvah on the 17th, my sister-in-law Mary Ann Morgan of Isom on June 20th, and Mary Sue Pinyerd of Jeremiah on the 21st.

Amanda Vanderpool of Carcassonne, Valerie Shell of Letcher, Martha Watts of Linefork and Deidra Cornett of Elk Creek all had birthdays on the 12th. Travis Sturgill of Whitesburg and Mary Jane Back of Jeremiah celebrated on the 21st.

Danny Caudill and his wife Anita got to get out of the nursing home and have a cookout at Red Star with Danny’s parents, Dan and Faye Caudill, Sunday. They all had a good day. It’s been about a year ago that Danny had a stroke.

Charles Ann Mullis and her daughter Lana Bly were in from Florida for about a week. They enjoyed staying with family and friends. They drove back Sunday.

There was a bad wreck over here early Saturday morning. Two people were killed. I didn’t know them, but my sympathy to their families. It is really sad.

Prayers again for little Wesley Dixon of Carcassonne. He is still in hospice care in Hazard. He is having seizures and difficulty breathing. My heart breaks for his family and especially his parents, John and Jenny Dixon. I wish them all the best. Happy birthday to his sister Rebecca. It was on June 14th.

My dad Pnut and his friend Jimmy Bates of Whitesburg went to Louisville for about four days last week for a VFW convention. They came back on Sunday.

Happy birthday to Liane Brock of Whitesburg. It was on June 20th. Tina Madden Walters of Blackey celebrated her birthday on the 22nd, Vada Rogers of Blackey, Roland brown of Letcher and Tamara McKinney of Elk Creek, all on the 23rd, and Cassie Back of Knott County on June 25.

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