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Journal shows how hard life was

Estel Taylor is pictured on Pine Mountain while on a Senior Citizen trip to Little Shepherd Trail.

Estel Taylor is pictured on Pine Mountain while on a Senior Citizen trip to Little Shepherd Trail.

Finally, I am getting around to these pictures of Estel Taylor that were taken on one of the Pine Mountain overlooks while the Letcher County Senior Citizens were on a picnic. I was supposed to have put these in the week after the picnic, but Debbie Baker and I had a hard time getting them from her phone to my computer, then I was sick and last week I completely forgot.

Estel is at the rec center almost every single day. He is a great person to talk to and loves to get people involved in conversations about Jesus Christ and what He can do for you.

Speaking of which, there are lots of people that are needing some serious praying done for them. Our rec center friend Earle Bone, that I have mentioned before with lung cancer, would appreciate your prayers.

Also, Rick Collins (we call him RC), has bone cancer and is already taking treatments. We have so many people on our prayer list at Letcher Independent Baptist Church with cancer and Mom gets so many calls during the week on the prayer chain from Millstone Missionary Baptist Church with cancer.

Heather Boggs, Candice Bates, Elizabeth Cooper, and Shellie Elswick made up four of the hiking group from No Limits Fitness.

Heather Boggs, Candice Bates, Elizabeth Cooper, and Shellie Elswick made up four of the hiking group from No Limits Fitness.

I also talked with Irene Banks Monday at Pine Mountain Grill and she was telling me about her husband, Billy K. Banks. He has suffered with cancer for more than ten years and she says they still just take one day at a time, not knowing from one day to the next what to expect.

It just seems unreal that this awful, cruel disease is affecting so many of our loved ones. All families are affected by it one way or another. Also, remember the families who have lost a loved one, especially my pastor, Bill Jones, and his wife Sandy.


I found a really interesting entry in Daddy’s (Marshel Tacket), journal that I thought was so interesting and thought I would share it with everybody. This was soon after my sister Charlene was born.

It amazes me how hard they worked just to live from day to day. Can you imagine any of us digging our coal out of a coal bank to use for our winter heat? Once again the spelling is left just like it was written. I like it better that way.

Joy Hampton with her son, Seth Lennon Hampton, me (Jeanette Tacket Yonts), and Drew Eden Hampton

Joy Hampton with her son, Seth Lennon Hampton, me (Jeanette Tacket Yonts), and Drew Eden Hampton

“I was discharged from the Navy in Nov. of 55 and we begin making our plans to come home. (They were stationed in Portsmouth, Virginia).

“We got us a car top carrier and loaded everything in our car we could get inside. Then begin to stack it on top. We had a load but we got it all on and begin our long trip home. We come to my dad’s house first and spent about a week with them, then we went over to her dad’s (Henry Pennington) Colson Creek and stayed awhile.

“I don’t think I had a job or was drawing unemployment either for a time there. So we found a house up in a hollow there where Henry lived. It belonged to Irrie Mullins. They moved to Haymond Kentucky. Me and Henry went over there and rented it for 10 dollars a month.

“We put out a big garden, made beans and taters and raised corn to feed a pig Henry had given me. We got us some chickens and ducks and dogs and set up housekeeping with a new living room suit and a bedroom outfit a gas stove (small) we had bought it in Virginia and hauled it home in our car.

“The fire places was all burned out in the back wall so we got busy and got rock and relayed them in one room. Some time in the night the rocks we used blewe up and hit the other wall by our bed. Would have killed us maybe if we had got him with them.

“The rats killed some of our baby chicks we were trying to raise. They was on poultry wire and the rats we thought pulled them down through them little holes to kill them.

“Not one time has Dorothy complained about our trouble no matter how hard they come.

“I got a job shortly over at Whitesburg helping build a sewer plant for the city. It was there first sewer plant. I was getting $2 an hour and we made out on that six or eight months, raised our corn and fattened our hog and had a good time.

“The water got up that fall and winter and we decided not to stay there another year or another winter. We got our coal out of a bank down about Johnny Bowen’s place and used a mule and sled to haul it home.

“I liked to got killed there getting out coal. I wasn’t injured but it come close to catching me. Scared the mule and caused him to run away with me.

“I had shot some holes in the coal seam in the creek bed and when I got my mule and sled back up the place the bank and rock that was covering the coal fell in 2 more minutes I would have been under it.”

It amazes me how much our lives have changed from just one generation to another. Speaking of generations, our only child, Joy Yonts Hampton, celebrated her 37th birthday on the 14th. Then her youngest child, our youngest granddaughter, Story Eliza Hampton, will celebrate her 7th birthday, or ‘birtday’ as she calls it, on July 25. This just seems unreal.

There was a wonderful hike that took place this past weekend. Amanda Sturgill from No Limits Fitness arranged it through DLCK Guided Tours. It was a hike to Eagle Arch Rock/ Blueberry Cliff. I didn’t get to go because I wasn’t fully recuperated from my bout with pancreatitis, but, some of the ladies that did go said it was wonderful.

If you know any children that are looking for another Bible School to attend before going back to school, my church, Letcher Independent Baptist at Jeremiah, will be having theirs from the 22nd to the 25th and I’m thinking it starts at 6:30.

Each evening after the lesson they always have pizza and drinks. Everybody is more than welcome. The bus also runs, so if you need transportation just let me know.

Mom and I were talking one day last week about how much we missed Oma Hatton. Mommy said, “She would call me all the time and just check to see how I was doing.”

Remember Oma’s famous ending to try your best to attend church Sunday and I add if your church has services Sunday night or throughout the week, God would want you there then, too.

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