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Joyce Adams home from hospital


Our weather has turned to the hot and dry side for the last week or two, and quite a few have been out cutting hay. Rodney and Ronald Ison, Dennis Blair and Jerry Adams are a few of the hard workers in the hayfields.

Joyce Adams had to stay a few days in the hospital last week. She is home now and when we stopped in to check on her and Bill, their grandchildren, Julie, Tevin and Quinton. were there, and also ‘Bumper.’ She had trouble with her diabetes and blood pressure, and hopefully she can get to feeling better.

Densmore and Sue Goodson went to Western Kentucky University over the weekend to help their daughter, Colleen, get settled back in for the semester.

Noah Campbell cele- brated his 10th birthday on Aug. 23. He had a small dinner that day at Ellis and Ila Adams’s home and later, in the weekend, had his party at the Whitesburg Swimming Pool. His granny, Bonita, fixed the country ham Noah had cured in the 4-H program and the last of it was getting cooked in soup beans.

Ellis wasn’t feeling too well that day. I think his treatments were bothering him.

Sorry to hear at Tolson Church last Sunday that James Caudill wasn’t doing too well, and that Elmer Caudill of Perkins Branch had also had some health problems. If you don’t see Elmer at church on Sunday, you know he isn’t feeling well because he’s out to church every Sunday.

It was the memorial meeting for deceased members at the Tolson Creek Church on Sunday. Bob and I can remember so many of those older ones who belonged there when we first joined church that are now replaced with young, new faces who belong to Tolson today.

Time does make a change in all things. I can remember when we were attending there, old man preacher Andy Bates would get carried away with the Spirit of the Lord and could jump and preach all over the place.

I also recall that he would always sing a song pertaining to a mother’s love. I can remember the words, but not the title.

We had a good service at Tolson, and I suppose Elwood Cornett could recall most all of the deceased members since he was from over near that area.

They had dinner afterward, but some of us left to go to Cedar Grove Church where Brenda Caudill was being baptized.

Everyone there was so pleased to hear that Kristi Dixon had joined and was going to be baptized too. It was a beautiful baptizing and a wonderful day for the new sisters.

A lot of Brenda’s family and in-laws were here for the memorial meeting held at Red Star on Saturday.

It was good to see cousin Linda Smith Maggard at the baptism. She recently had surgery and said she was doing great. We pray for her to have a complete recovery.

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be the annual association meeting of the Old Regular Baptist churches, held at the old school building at Yellow Creek at Sassafras.

I’m so forgetful I may have already put this in, but just in case I didn’t, Dolittle Seals and his granddaughter were both recently baptized. I believe it was at Faith Community Church. We’re very happy for them and their families.

Don’t forget this week and weekend is the Isom Days festival with booths, parade, rodeo and talent show, finishing with gospel music on Sunday.

Hope everyone has a safe, happy Labor Day weekend.

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