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Juanita and Marty Smith to mark anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello friends and neighbors and all those far and near! Hoping all had a good week.

Late happy birthday to Brett Hays on June 17. She is the daughter of Linda and Brack Sexton of Cowan.

Happy birthday to a real sweet lady, Judy Fields, on June 30. Also, Thelma (Jay) Bates has a birthday on July 1, Anna Maggard on July 2, Joe Bates on July 3, and Dorothy Jean Miles on July 3. Hope they all have a wonderful birthday.

Juanita and Marty Smith will celebrate their third wedding anniversary on July 2. They are the parents of Emily McIntosh, Kyle Smith and Marty Fields.

July 4 is coming up soon. There will be lots of picnics and reunions to go to, and Amber Trent Jackson has a birthday July 4. (Happy birthday.)

I heard that Hager Trent Jr. and Charlotte Fields got married on June 22. Congratulations to both of them and hoping they both will be very happy.

Late happy birthday to my cousin David W. Fields on June 22. He is 79 years old and still doing well. He is the son of the late Pearlie and Robert Fields. Hoping he had a great day.

This month is sure going by fast. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather ‘cause in a few short months Old Man Winter will be around. Ugh!! Did I just say that?

Kathy and I have fun going down Memory Lane every time we get together. We get so tickled and laugh until we cry at some of the things we have gotten ourselves into over the years. She has mellowed out more and I have gotten tougher. Used to you could look at me and I would cry. Sometimes she remembers things I don’t and vice versa.

James and Eddie shake their heads and say, “Here we go again.” But it is so much fun. As they say, we get in our own little world ‘cause they know us there. LOL!!

It is so good to have a brother and sister that you can laugh and cry with and be there for each other. I sure appreciate Archie and Kathy and am glad that we are still close. Sure, we have had our moments, but we get up, shake the dust off, and go on. Some people do not have that opportunity. So enjoy family while you have them. They will not always be there. Memories are priceless.

Prayer list this week: the Rayburn family, Irene and Eugene Day, Jerry Boggs, Carla Maggard, Agnes and Anna Maggard, Archie and Margaret Fields, Mike Fields, Melinda Daniel, James Fields, Della and Morris Maggard, Ellen King, Peggy King Caudill and Pat King.

Attend the church of your choice. Keep your friends, family and neighbors in prayer. Until next time, have a great week.

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