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Juanita Fields celebrates her birthday

Big Cowan

Belated happy birthday to Joe Bates on July 3, and also to Hager and Margaret Trent’s granddaughter, Amber, on July 4. She stated they went to their pond and celebrated. I’m glad she had a good one.

A happy birthday to Juanita Fields on July 12. She was 38 years old. I’m sure she celebrated with her children, Emily McIntosh and little Marty Wolford, and with her man, Marty Smith.

My youngest granddaughter, Michaela, is here and will stay a week. She misses her mama and papa so much. She dreads the trip but enjoys when she is here.

I guess lots of families were together for the Fourth of July. I hope they all had fun and a safe trip if they were traveling. I’m not sure as many people travel the holidays anymore because of the economy.

Michaela wrote this letter: “Hi, this is Michaela Fields, about ready to leave Kentucky, the best state in the world. I hate to leave. It’s been so fun with my favorite grandma, Christine Fields, and my grandpa, James Fields. They’re really nice people.”

All of the Day family, Irene, Eugene, Francis, Jenny, Heather, Paige, Emma, George and Chris, are in need of our prayers. God knows what the need is and we need Him to intervene in a serious situation. I believe in Him, and sometimes He is the only One who can handle the situation. Please pray for all of them, as they desperately need it at this time.

Audrey and Charles Hammonds of North Vernon, Ind., returned home safely from Florida. They had a safe trip and their grandson came to visit with them from Ohio. They probably will not be in Kentucky this month. We will probably see them in September.

This coming weekend, July 17, 18 and 19, will be the Day/Kelly reunion at the Cowan Community Center. They are looking for a good turnout.

Agnes Maggard had eye surgery on July 6, and is doing OK.

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