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Judy Greene is recovering from surgery


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and survived the bad weather. We were blessed to not have it like a lot of places did. We never lost our power here and I felt so sorry for all the people who did. Lots of my family were without power and some still are. I hope they get it back soon.

Lots of people lost their lives and lots of them lost a lot of food. My son, Rob, got a generator and they got by after two days without lights. I heard they had a shortage of generators and some folks couldn’t afford them. We don’t plan on things like this happening.

My sister, Joanne Brown, and her husband, Donald, of Indianapolis, Ind., came and spent about a week with my sister, Judy Greene, in Somerset, who had surgery. The surgery went well and she is recuperating. Her daughter, Tabitha Spencer, of Shelby, Ohio, has spent the week with her. I know that made Judy happy. She loves company!

Louise Shepherd and her daughter, Carol Day, went down and spent a night also.

My road has been so bad I’ve had to be a shut-in. I’ve had to miss going to the Veterans Center. The snow and ice are melting now, so I can come out of hibernation. I’ve kept busy and working puzzles so I have survived.

Bobby Pennington died last Wednesday after having a bad stroke. We visited Everidge Funeral Home and I think that was the most people I had ever seen there. He was certainly well loved by his family and everyone that knew him. He was the husband of my sister, the late Della Howard Pennington, until her death in 1985. Later he married Madonna Morris and they had a good life together. Our sympathy goes out to her and her daughters, Sandy and Mandy, whom Bob loved as his own, and to James Earl, David, and Kim, and all his brothers and sisters.

It was so good to see all his family there. We’ve always been close friends with them. I hadn’t seen Hugh Watson, Parmer and Billy for a long time. They moved off and left us, but never forgot us. It was good seeing Albert Tacket. I hadn’t seen him since his father, Marshal Tacket’s, funeral and of course I always am glad to see his mom, Dorthy Tacket, Pearl Noble, and Linda Hall.

It was almost like a Marlowe reunion there. So many were there I can’t possibly name all of them, but I was so glad to see all of you, even though it was a sad occasion. The funeral took place Friday.

I really enjoyed Diana Combs’s news last week. She mentioned people I knew from Blackey. Dorse Back was my Uncle John Howard’s friend on Elk Creek. We all lived there when I was growing up, more than a few years ago. I was so sorry to hear Wayne Dixon had died. He was the son of the late Allie and Bryant Dixon. I took my dad to visit them. I loved going there. They were real sweet people, also a very good looking couple. They were neighbors of ours, also Ed and Oma Blair. I think I might have known P-nut Blair if he was their son. I did, also their daughter, Inez, who married D.B. Banks. I have my memories of all of them.

I lived in Blackey until I was 11 years old. I went to Elk Creek School when I was about 7 years old. My teacher was Tommy Combs. He may have been a relative of yours, Diana.

There were more Combses living there. I remember Mary Ann Combs and her daughter, Gearldine, and two sons, Cecil and Ivis. I have a rolling pin he made and gave to my parents when they got married. I still use it.

I sure have taken a trip down Memory Lane. I’ve rattled on long enough. Some of the older Blackey people may still remember these people, maybe Beulah Back and her late husband Ray Back. I know he knew all of these and was related to some.

Here I go, rattling on again. So until next week, may God bless all of you. Try to go to church. The weather is supposed to be good.

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