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July 4 brings good, sad memories

Hello again!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July with plenty of food and cold watermelon and maybe homemade ice cream and, foremost importantly, a loved one to share it with.

The fourth of July is a still sort of sad for me as our dad Clayton Hall died July 4.

I also have good memories as Dad would always get a watermelon and a gallon of vanilla ice cream for us every Fourth of July as far back as I can remember.

Once again the good memories out weigh the bad. Mom would strive to have green beans and ripe tomatoes.

My brother Richie and Wanda Hall had company for the Fourth, and from what I understand he had a pack rat that tried to carry off his weed-eater. Their little grandson Blake tried to pick it up and wanted to take it home with him. I don’t know if Blake is two years old yet or not! Blake calls Richie Paw!.

Barb and Rick Jones have to share their little grand daughter Destiny with Richie and Wanda. Destiny has taken up with Richie since she was a baby. When she was about a year old as Barb passed Richie on the road, Destiny told Barb she wanted to kiss Richie! Kids are wonderful.

Are you enjoying this hot weather? I made the statement back in the cold freezing winter if it got 100 degrees I wouldn’t complain! Well you know something, since I have been having difficult breathing problems I changed my mind and the past couple of days I have complained. Now I realize how quickly the weather can affect your respiratory system.

Would someone like to have a very gently used almost new computer? I am about ready to give this one to my son Keith Ballard and drag out my typewriter and send my column through ordinary mail at five o’clock in the morning. I don’t need the aggravation of a computer or anything else for that matter.

Hey, I did fix something I didn’t think I could do! I have folding louvered doors in my bathroom that conceal my washer and dryer. When I had my bathroom remodeled a few years ago the guy did what he wanted —not what I wanted. He purchased the wrong doors and I let him get by with it. I have regretted it ever since.

One of the doors came off the track several times, and needless to say I jerked it and split the wood. No one would put it back so I was going to buy a diff erent set of doors. I decided to see if I could glue this one, of course I had no wood clamp. I was too stingy to buy something I probably will never use again. At the club I belong to, Old Time Fiddlers, we use cut off jumper cable clamps to hold the banner on a wooden desk, so I asked someone if I could borrow a clamp and try it. I did and it worked just fine. Now my door is back on track.

You might say I know what the word improvise means! I don’t like to ask for help if I can figure some way to do for myself.

I have let this go far too long as I would have to literally pick the door up and slide it out of the way and then put it back in place. I will give you some advice. Please do not climb on a stepstool or ladder if you have high blood pressure; you may find yourself sitting on your washer!

Many years ago in our bedroom we had sliding wooden doors. After several years of use, they started coming off the track. My husband wouldn’t fix them so I caught him gone and took the doors off the track threw them away, installed curtain rods, bought two full sheets made a curtain and I am still using the same. It works for me!

It seems I was very badly mistaken as Shirley Wells didn’t enjoy cookouts with her family. Shirley and her daughter Lorretta Bagget decided to go to the mountains of eastern Kentucky for a few days.

Shirley really enjoyed the trip. She said her friends Jimmy and Rhonda Stidham took them to Pine Mountain and down Little Shepherd Trail. Shirley got to see her first black bear in the wild. They traveled back a different way through Cumberland and somehow on through Kingscreek. Shirley said Lorretta walked across a petrified tree while on the trail.

Shirley said there was so much history there in the mountains. I laughed and said I am sure there is and probably a lot of bodies that have disappeared through the years and never been discovered.

I know a couple of people I wouldn’t mind giving a nudge too! Just kidding!

Shirley doesn’t drive long distances by herself so she is limited to where she goes. Thank God so far I can drive where I want to, although it bothers me driving in the rain at night.

Gwen Huff Farmer hasn’t driven long distances for several years. Gwen had a truck and a nice camper in her garage when we were there to visit her a few years ago, not being used as she couldn’t drive them.

Gwen is doing great since her knee replacement. She is able to go shopping with her friends and works in her garden all the time.

I talked to Ann Calihan. It seems Johnny developed a minor problem with his eye. I told Ann she better quit beating him! Johnny Calihan has really been lucky as he is still in good health and never slows down.

Johnny and Ann’s daughter Sue Wagner is feeling a little under the weather. Sue and my daughter Angie Wiederhold have been childhood friends.

My little sidekick Bennie doesn’t understand why he can’t play out in this hot weather, though he enjoys playing with his newest adventure Toy Story as he is getting a little tired of Lightning McQueen toys. I think I help boost the sales of Pizar toys and clothes by Disney.

I had a nice phone call from Vina Stamper Back of Louisville, asking if I knew of three graves on the hillside in the Stamper Cemetery on Kingscreek. They are the graves of Uncle Lee Hall, and my two aunts, Victoria Whitaker and Tena. haven’t been there for many years. Vina said the graves were in good shape. Maybe my next trip to the mountains Richie will take me on another four-wheeler ride and we will go there.

Polly Ann Maucher went to Columbus, Ind., to be with her family for the holiday. Hello to Frick and Frack, to Jean and Bill Ison, and all the family.

Hayward and Vivian Day and Kim, I miss you guys! Hayward, I assume you are keeping a close eye on Vivian and she hasn’t been giving jump rope lessons lately.

I am pleased to say that my special friend Willamae Boggs is doing very well from her heart surgery. Carl is going to get a bungee cord to hold her down, so when she starts to get up it will pull her back should she try to do too much. Maybe Willamae should do the same for him as he stays very active.

I went to my new favorite place the Coon Hunters Club. This is the first time have ever gone and not one person to dance with! A guy named Fred is 92 years old and still loves to dance. Fred had sunburned his feet so he couldn’t dance, and my little guy Cornbread Ben was having someone help him with banjo pointers. One of my dancing friends Becky Tipton was sick so she wasn’t there, and my other dance partner Alphene Stacy wasn’t there. So I just sat, though not still as my feet were moving.

Marvin Davis was there though he didn’t play that awesome fiddle. Marvin just enjoyed the music.

Vickie Power and I did get together to take a ride. We drove down below Rising Sun, Ind., and I showed her where Sue Courtney lives. I knew Sue wasn’t home, I just wanted Vickie to see what a beautiful, peaceful setting Sue lives in overlooking the Ohio River. Vickie loved the view. We will be going back sometime soon.

Sue has a huge hibiscus plant that is blooming. She calls it a pie plate plant, Wanda calls it corkwood. Whatever the name, they are beautiful.

Alberta Bailey of Hot Spot (Premium) called to tell me how much she enjoyed reading my book. Alberta (Apple-butter as one of her grandkids calls her) wants me to have another one written, as so many others have asked me to do.

Well I better get this on its way. As usual I am running late, I started this earlier and got to feeling bad.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@ AOL.com, telephone 513- 367-4682.

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