Whitesburg KY

July weather has been just right


Our summer season has been a good season so far. Several are having vegetables from their gardens. Mine has turned into a lawn. Our good neighbor, Allen Sexton, has planted one and we are hoping it will do well. It is a good fruit year also.

We are very sorry about the death of our good neighbor and friend, Prina Biggerstaff. Her death was a sudden shock to her family and friends. She was a cheerful giver and thoughtful of others in many ways. Our sympathy and love to all her family who have been so kind to me and our family over the years. She will be sadly missed in many ways by her family and friends. Our sympathy and best wishes to them all. We share their sorrow.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gatton came in for a visit at the old homeplace on Cowan over the weekend. I enjoyed her visit on Saturday with Melissa and the children, Jade, Jordan, Noelle, and Emmaline.

The Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church will be pretty busy getting ready for the Association this fall. Several will be coming in from Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia. It is an honor for the host church to serve this body of Christian fellowship.

Seems like we don’t have as many visitors as we used to have as many aren’t with us anymore. We had many good times together over the years.

Our weather is really nice. Seems to me like it is just right. Everything is pretty and green.

We are sorry the gas prices are getting so high. I guess this will keep many from making long trips. I wonder when it will get better.

Take time out to see our pretty mountains and trees. It is a very pretty time of year.

Happy birthday wishes to Ethlyn Whitaker, formerly of Whitesburg. Her address is 467 Kimberly Place, Lexington, KY 40503.

Linda Combs says, “Hello to Arminta Ison Jenkins of Kaufman, Tex. Hope your arm is feeling better.”

The Adkins reunion will be August 3 at Hobert and Carl Hall’s cabin on Sandlick.

Linda Lucas and Carol Caudill recently attended a recital at the East Tennessee Dance Academy at Dandridge, Tenn. Callie and Ella Akers performed several dances and highly entertained their great-aunts. Callie and Ella are daughters of Rusty and Tori Akers of Talbot, Tenn. Their grandparents are John and Barbara Banks of Cowan, Russell and Anne Akers of Kingscreek, and Sharon Day, also of Kingscreek. Their greatgrandparents are the late Bernard and Minnie Vae Banks and the late Clayton and Orpha Day.

The following week they visited Beth, Keith, Katie, and Kenzie Callahan in Advance, N.C. While there, they attended Kenzie’s dance recital at Lexington, N.C. They were really proud of her.

Linda Lucas and her little grandson, Mason, visited relatives on Cowan. Mason is a beautiful and happy baby. His family appreciate all the local churches and everyone who has prayed for him.

Waldo and Susan Stamper with their grandchildren, Steven and Alyssa, spent a few days on Cowan. While here they enjoyed a visit by Waldo’s sister, Vina, and Sam Becknell.

There will be a big sale on August 2 and 3 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., rain or shine. Follow the signs to 417 Little Cowan Road, Hwy. 2035. There will be living room and kitchen furniture, antique dishes, and much more. You can call 633-5019 before August 2.

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Caudill of Cumberland, and Linda Lucas enjoyed dinner with Virginia Brown and Doris Banks on Sunday.

We missed several at church Sunday.

I hope everyone is enjoying this pretty summer weather. We are having a good season so far. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy it.

Love and best wishes to all.

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