Whitesburg KY

Jump Hatton now Dr. Jonathan Hatton

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well. Today is Saturday and the weather is beautiful with temperatures in the 50s. I love it after all the snow and cold weather!

I read in the Blackey news last week of two deaths of people I used to know. Chris Bates was the son of Don Bates. I played Chinese checkers with Don when I was a little girl a long time ago. We rented a house from his parents, W.R. ‘Wash’ and Annie Bates. They were such nice people. Also, Chris Bates’s aunt, Draxie (Bates) Banks, wife of the late Coy Banks, died the same week. She was the sister of Helen (Bates) Bentley, who was a teacher of mine a long, long time ago. I see her sometimes at the Ermine Center. She is still a beautiful woman.

Our sympathy goes out to all the family. I don’t know where they all live or how many are still living. They were our friends.

I talked with Roberta Willie in Roanoke, Va. She was doing OK. She was expecting her brother Roland Brown and wife Ruth. They will be having a late Christmas because of bad weather. I know they will have a great time. Wish I could be there. They are such good friends! Whitesburg

I enjoyed having breakfast with Sandra and Billy Hatton and their daughterin law Andrea Hatton, wife of Dr. Jonathan Hatton, and their adorable little girl Kate. She’s just too cute. I asked Sandra if all us grandparents thought ours were the prettiest and smartest in the world. Of course not, nah!

Jonathan just passed his test and he’s Dr. Jonathan Hatton. We may forget it and call him Dr. Jump Hatton. We are all so proud of him and he loves what he is doing.

Thank you, Kathy Palumbo, for giving me the phone number and address of a cousin of mine, Ruby Bailey, who lives in Charlotte, Mich. It’s been many, many years since I’ve seen her. She is the daughter of my dad’s sister, Lizzie ( Young) Bailey. Of course we talked and talked, trying to get caught up on everything. Then my battery went dead and stopped us. I told her we would keep in touch.

We are excited about church. Two of our dear friends, Faye and Randall Combs, have been off for a long time due to a serious illness of Randall and they will be a church on Sunday. Can’t wait to see them.

I’m still not kicking too high since my foot surgery, but I’m still kicking and doing well. I’ll get my stitches and the pin out on Feb. 7 and I’ll sure be glad. I haven’t had to miss much except for the weather.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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