Whitesburg KY

Junior ‘Ben’ Taylor celebrates 80th birthday

Northeast Ohio

Howdy to family, friends and neighbors. Hope everyone is well and having a great summer. We had a few days of summer then temps started going down to 60s and even some 40s. We’ve also been having rain just about every weekend.

I had some most welcome and interesting phone calls. Cousin Bill in North Carolina, cousin Denver in Michigan, dear friend Gaynell Fields in Indiana, and Red’s niece Carleta Adams in Eolia called and I talked with her. Red got calls from his brother Charles, sister Mae and he called his sister Nina. Everyone seemed to be doing well. No real complaints.

We had company, two of our greats spent time with us, Christopher and Meagan. Bill and Redia had to go to Columbus for a funeral of one of Redia’s cousins. Christopher and Meagan are spending two weeks with their grandparents as they do every year. Our sympathy to Redia and all the rest of the Keathly family.

Richard, Georgia and I are planning on going to Clyde, Ohio, to see one of our cousins and help him celebrate his 80th birthday. Happy birthday to Junior “Ben” Taylor. We’ve been planning on visiting him for some time and this just made the timing right.

Speaking of birthdays, I want to wish the following the best birthday ever. July birthdays are Ronny Goins in Whitesburg; twins Brandon and Bailee Sergent in Lorain, Ohio, on the 7th; Orbin Engle in Virginia and Pam Adams Sturgill in Eolia on the 9th; niece Teena (Henry’s daughter) in Illinois on the 20th; cousin Darrell Proffitt in Whitesburg on the 22nd; Donny Edwards in Jenkins on the 24th; cousin Archie Sergent in Clarksville, Ind., on the 26th; and Janet Flynn in Pekin, Ind., on the 30th. To all, enjoy your day and have some cake and ice cream for me.

To anyone else celebrating a birthday or anniversary in July, I wish you the best now and always. Almost forgot, our greatgrandson Christopher was 16 June 28; Anna Lea’s granddaughter, Hillary, was 16 on June 20; Richard’s grandson, Ben Provoznic, had a birthday the 29th; and Samantha Lutton, the daughter of Georgia’s niece, will celebrate around or maybe on the same day as Brandon and Bailee.

Just had the nicest phone call from Bobby Joe Pass. He is such a pleasant young man to talk with. One of these days I hope to meet him and Madonna face to face. It will be one of the highlights of my life. After being off the air for several weeks he was to start broadcasting again on June 28. I’m sure there are many who have missed them and will be waiting for their return. He and Madonna made a trip to the beloved Kentucky mountains and would you believe we left the day they arrived. One of these days!

It has been a fairly nice day here, even though the sun kept playing peek-a-boo. Sometimes it got so dark I was sure it was going to rain.

Sunday is church time at Little Edna and as far as I know we will be going.

The sky has just turned real black, there are streaks of lightning and the thunder is so loud I thought the sky had split and the world was coming to an end! Just hope it’s only rain and not a tornado. I have only witnessed one up close and personal, quite scary. Our house did not resemble our house at all, a tree on the roof, covered with debris and lawn chairs, garbage cans and lots of other items scattered hither and yon. There have been several nearby but I usually slept through them.

Hello to Oma Hatton, Rose Ballard, Gladys Smith and Creda Isaac and also to all the others who write a column. I always read everyone. Fact is, there’s not much I miss reading. I go through it once, then again and sometimes a third time. Don’ wanta miss nuthin.

I am finally getting some letters written. I put from one to four or five in the box every day, so if you haven’t gotten yours it’s in the mail.

‘Bout time for Catharine to stop by so I had better finish this.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July. Hope the weather is nice for picnics, cookouts and family gatherings. We just might have hot dogs and a watermelon. We don’t expect company so just I might end up doing a bit of housecleaning. Not one of my favorite things to do, just something that must be done.

Y’all have a great day, a better week and stay well and happy. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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