Whitesburg KY

Jury returns manslaughter counts in 2 separate cases

Two Letcher County men are named by the Letcher Grand Jury in indictments charging each with second-degree manslaughter.

Robert Anthony Sturgill, 31, of 151 Brick Yard Hill, Jenkins, is accused of causing the death of twoyear old Alicia Sturgill and endangering the lives of a three-year-old and a 17-year-old on August 26. The grand jury says Sturgill was operating a single-passenger all-terrain vehicle carrying the three minors over dangerous terrain. He is also charged with operating the ATV while under the influence.

Jenkins Police Chief Thomas Bormes testified in the case.

Timothy Ray Sexton, 30, of 47 Brandon Lee Road, Whitesburg, is charged with causing the death of Shannoka Ann Adams in a vehicle which he was operating while under the influence of drug on June 16.

Kentucky State Police Detective Randy Combs testified in the case.

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