Whitesburg KY

Jury says 9 are deadbeats

Nine persons have been named in 12 indictments by the Letcher Grand Jury for failure to support their minor children.

Charged with flagrant non support and being a persistent felony offender are Jamie Edward Sturgill, 42, of Box 28, Ermine, who is named in two indictments; Stephen Lee Fox, 50, of 488 Hwy. 2545, Thornton; Jason Lee Polly, 34, of 740 Lakeside Dr., Jenkins; and Kayla D. Lucas, 27, of 207 Bartesta Branch, Whitesburg.

Those charged with flagrant non support are Tabitha L. Spangler, 34, of 1097 Hwy. 3410, Mayking, who is named in two indictments;

Rodney Lee Sturgill, 50, of 154 Green Valley Dr., Eolia; Kimberly Ann Couch McIntire, 48, of 266 Kona, Whitesburg, who is named in two indictments; Kristina S. Tackett, 32, of 489 Adams Branch, Jeremiah; and Dallas L. Monroe, 36, of 106 Smokey Road, Forest Hills.

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