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Jury says parents are deadbeats

The Letcher Grand Jury indicted eight people on charges of flagrant non-support of children after cases were presented to the jury by the Letcher County Attorney’s Division of Child Support Enforcement.

The grand jury says those named in the indictments owe at least $1,000 and/or have failed to make payments for at least six consecutive months. They are:

• William D. Bentley, 36, P.O. Box 104, McRoberts, and 1548 Sheas Fork, McRoberts.

• Mary Craft, 26, 220 Smith Creek, Eolia.

• Haven Eldridge, 38 P.O. Box 195 Freeburn, and 109 S. Johnson Bottom Rd, Freeburn.

• James V. Hicks, 48, P.O. Box 432, Isom, and 28 Snowflake Dr., Isom.

• Adrienne M. Howard, 33, P.O. Box 6298, Florence, and 375 Weaver Rd., Florence.

• Timothy Stamper, 32, 557 Compton Dr., Lexington.

• Michael Tolson, 29, P.O. Box 1019, Thornton, and 942 Millstone Rd., Millstone.

• Michael W. Trent, 29, 139 Blackburn St., Stanton.

Shirley Fields of the Division of Child Support Enforcement testified in all the cases.

County Attorney Jamie Hatton announced recently that attempts to collect past-due support payments would be beefed up.

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