Whitesburg KY

Just-graduated chiropractor plans to return home to work in county where he grew up



Sharon Maxie, along with Kyle Anaman of Thornton, announces her son, Dylan

Maxie, received his

Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from

Sherman College of

Chiropractic Medicine in South Carolina on

December 11.

He was graduated from Letcher County

Central High School in 2011, and received an Associate Degree in Science from Southeast

Kentucky Community

College in 2015. He obtained his Bachelor’s

Degree in kinesiology from Alice Lloyd

College in 2017.

Also celebrating his achievement is his brother, Ryan LeBrun and grandmother, Effie

Maxie of Thornton, along with family and friends who supported him through these years of study.

Dr. Maxie plans to work in Letcher

County and give back to the community that allowed him to pursue his dreams in the medical field.

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