Whitesburg KY

Just watching work makes me tired


Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing well and that all who aren’t doing well are feeling better.

It was good hearing from my friend Anna Watkins. I always enjoy hearing from my friends who have moved away and have kept in touch with me.

Our sympathy goes out to the Billy Palumbo family, who passed recently. He was the last living child of the late Della Howard and John Palumbo Sr., who raised their family in the beautiful stone house on Cowan Street in Whitesburg that John built himself and everyone admired.

Della was the sister of my dad, the late Bill Howard. I attended the funeral. It was good to see all the family I hadn’t seen in years. All of Joann’s and Billy’s children were there, as were Jack Kelson Cox and Jane Ellen Cox of Norton, Va., who are the children of Billy’s late sister, Mae Cox.

It was good seeing Janice Foster at Walmart the other day. I think that’s a good place to see about everyone. I look for them when I go.

I got a call from my neighbor, Imogene Adkins, and she said her younger sister, Sharon, had celebrated her 62nd birthday. Happy late birthday, Sharon.

I saw Imogene and her son Jim at the Palumbo funeral. I also saw Imogene Sexton and her daughter, Patricia Lewis, and also Barbara Prichard and her brother, Jerry Barker, there.

I was glad to see everyone. I also saw Ruby Jean Howard. She said her son Bill had his 60th birthday.

You’d better slow down on those birthdays or they will make you old. I know that for a fact, not that I claim to be old.

I got a call from my friend Dorthy Tackett. She and all her daughters, Jeanette, Deloris, Lucille and Charlene, got together at Pine Mountain Grill to celebrate Charlene’s birthday. Happy late birthday, Charlene


Everyone knows and loves Charlene and the whole family. Dorthy also said she got a call from her cousin Beulah (Delph) Cabon of California, formerly of Marlowe, who she says loves getting The Eagle and keeping up with old friends.

I attended the Whitesburg Grade School graduation the other night. It was beautiful, especially my great-granddaughter, Kayla Howard! We were so proud of all of them all.

My son Rob Hatton and his whole family are home from their vacation. I hear it’s one of the best they ever had. That makes me glad.

My neighbor Katy Miller is in the Hazard hospital and needs everyone’s prayers. My pastor, Brother John Conn’s son, Daniel Conn, is having some health problems and needs prayer. I hope he is doing better.

I was glad my sister Betty Tyree. She came out for a visit and we enjoyed sitting on my porch and watching the birds.

My brother Hubert Howard is still having trouble with his legs and needs prayer.

I met Brother Tony Brown’s daughter at the funeral home on Thursday. I’ve heard him talk about her so much that I felt like I knew her. She sure is a beautiful girl and so nice. You can tell Brother Tony is proud of his family. I’m sure proud of mine.

My son Billy and wife Sandra and I went to Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast on Saturday. I think that is a good day to go.

My brother Charles Howard, his wife Brenda, Lester Tindle and wife Alma and her sister, and Sue Carol Thomas were there also. She and Alma worked for Dawahare’s for many years and everyone loved both of them. It was good seeing them.

As we were leaving the Grill, we met Dorothy Lucas and some of her family and visited with them for a while. If I go up there and don’t see anyone I know I feel cheated. I love meeting people.

I had a nice little visit with my brother Hubert Howard and his wife Joyce. They were hard at work. Just watching work makes me tired.

My sister Judy Greene and her daughter Tabitha are in for a visit. I haven’t seen them yet.

I’ve run out of news to write about, so I guess it’s time to stop. May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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