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Justin Gilliam suffers storm damage

I want to ask everyone to pray for all who have lost loved ones, their homes, automobiles and all their possessions in these terrible storms. You can replace anything but a life. At the age of some of these people, I know they can’t replace what they had. My heart goes out to all of them.

Justin Gilliam, who lives in Bristol, had quite a bit of damage to his home and car, but, thank God, he and his family are okay. Justin is the son of Michael Gilliam of Mayking.

Ernestine Kincer’s mom, Lois Hill, went home to be with the Lord. We thought so much of Lois, she was so friendly and such a nice lady. G.C. and Ernestine had been taking care of her and she always remembered that Ernestine was a nurse. The last time I saw her she said, “My daughter is a nurse.”

There are no words to describe the feelings of all who knew Mike Webb; he was so loved. That smile was always there and a helping hand was held out to all who needed one. Our prayers go out to his family and friends.

Seems like all I have to write this week is about death, but it has come to our neighborhood again with the death of Arthur and Joyce Sergent’s grandson. He was so young and a special grandson to Arthur and Joyce. May God bless all of this family.

Ann Bradley took a group of us to Lexington this week for the Ovarian Screening. We always visit with Amy Collins Wilson while we are there at the hospital. That girl gets prettier every day.

On the way home everyone complimented her new hairdo. She is getting younger every day! We all love you, Amy, and thanks for making our visit so nice. I will say that Patty Nantz and Janice Baker sure laughed a lot and I couldn’t hear what they were talking about so maybe next time I will sit closer.

Colleen Caudill and Loretta Adams were perfect angels. I was told to say that, now who do you believe?

I can’t say anything about Maxine Parsons ‘cause she has pictures and she says she knows where I live.

Gladys Webb and Deanna Dixon were also very quiet on this trip. I sat with Gladys and she never had a chance to say much for someone else was always talking. I will name no names for like I said, Maxine has the proof.

Ann Bradley is always so thoughtful, kind and considerate. Thank you, Ann, now can I go again?

I think I won the prize for being the fastest shopper.

Oh, it was so nice to see Linda Perry at the screening. She lives in Lexington so she met us there. She loves being close to her babies.

We also saw Maxine Holbrook, and she has become a teenager again. Maxine lives at Redfox, and she, Joan Fugate and Carolyn Combs drove down and met us at the hospital.

The Lions Club met at Las Penas Mexican Restaurant this week, and while there they celebrated the birthdays of four of their members, Maxine Quillen, Jean Cook, Marie Pratt and Wendell Cook. The hats were a big hit as was the ice cream smeared on their faces. Fun times are always good.

Also celebrating a birthday this month are Dr. Marlene Belecki and Jack Quillen.

Ralph Thomas was born on the first day of May and I promise the county hasn’t been the same since. Oh well, we love him anyway!

Maxine did her part this week — she donated blood. She says she may need it later. She sure got a lot of hugs this week. I wonder if I should name names . . . huh? She, Joanne and Imogene danced up a storm at Hemphill on Friday night.

Get well wishes to my neighbor, Della Hall Meade, who was taken to the hospital. I think she was having breathing problems. She lives with her niece, Carol Sue Hall, and we love both these ladies.

Janice Baker, Kathy Adams, Nikkia Lucas, Katina Benton and Ashley Benton were in Louisville this weekend to shop, eat and visit the Waverly Hill Sanatorium. I know they enjoyed it and came home with lots of new clothes.

How many have read the book by Kim Watts about Icabee Cantrell? If you haven’t, go by John B. Adams Store and get one. I’m telling you this is one great book.

Don’t forget about Monument Park. The plans are coming along for the park and the statue of the giant, Martin Van Buren Bates. We need help with the cost so send in your donation as soon as possible. Any amount will be appreciated.

Martin Van Buren Bates, or the “Kentucky Giant”, was born in 1837 and was reared in Kona. He is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as being 7-feet-9- inches tall and weighing 470 pounds. Bates joined the Confederate Army and rose to the rank of captain. After the Civil War, he joined a circus in Cincinnati, Ohio showcasing his large frame. In 1871 he married Anna Haining Swan, who was 7 –feet-5.5 inches tall. The couple was wed at St. Martin in-the-Fields in London England. As wedding presents Queen Victoria gave the couple two large goldwatches. Bates died in 1919. Anna Haining Swan was from Nova Scotia, Canada. Bates was the son of John Wallas and Sarah Wardrip Bates.

We received another bid from a sculptor this week, and very soon we will have a picture that you can see what everything will look like and I think you will be impressed. I certainly am.

The concert that was held at the Tourism building was a huge success. We have needed something for that age group and now lets keep it going.

Annette Isaacs spent some time in Lexington with Cynthia and Meghan and had a wonderful time.

I have said it before and will say it again, good neighbors are a blessing.

Rick and Phyllis Yonts have spoiled me for the past few years by picking me a mess of plantin. Some folks say it’s weeds but to me it’s better than steak. I love it and appreciate my good friends, Rick and Phyllis. Phyllis will be having cataracts removed in a few days and we wish her the best.

I had stopped and saw Kaylee, and she was begging to get her pool out. She had her pool ring around her and said she only needed the little pool. It was in the 60s that day but she was ready!

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