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Justin Townes Earle arrested after concert

Pollstar.com reported this week that musician Justin Townes Earle was arrested was charged with battery, public intoxication and resisting law enforcement after his Sept. 16 concert appearance at Radio Radio in Indianapolis.

Earle, who is the son of singersongwriter Steve Earle, was released after posting $150 bond, the website said.

Quoting from another web site, MyOldKentuckyBlog.com, Pollstar reported that Earle “insulted (and assaulted) the venue owners and staff , the sold-out audience, and local law enforcement.”

After a fan shouted out “Freebird,” Earle reportedly told him, “F**k ‘Freebird’, I f**king hate Lynard Skynard,” according to fan reports on SavingCountryMusic. com, Pollstar reported. The report said that after Earle and another fan argued about who should take their shirt off , the fan took off his shirt and threw it on stage, where it landed on Earle’s guitar. The singer responded by dropping another F-bomb, saying “F**k you.”

Earle closed the show, reported Pollstar, with the tune “Walk Out” and left the stage without an encore. After returning to his dressing room, Earle allegedly smashed items there, causing an estimated $200 worth of property damage.

MyOldKentuckyBlog.com said Earle also assaulted Radio Radio’s owner and “reportedly closed-fist punching the owner’s daughter” after being told the $200 in damages would come out of his pay.

Pollstar said Earle was physically removed from the venue and held until police arrived. Authorities were forced to pin Earle to the ground to handcuff him after he resisted arrest, the website reported.

After the Indianapolis incident caused Earle to miss a radio show the next morning he Tweeted, “Sorry for missing the radio Louisville. I was in jail! We will be making the show at headliners though. Free again!!!”

He added, “Oh and Radio Radio in Indy and all it’s staff can kiss my f**king ass! I think the Felice Bros. Would agree.”

Earle is scheduled to appear in court in Indianapolis on Oct. 19, the same day he is scheduled to perform at Webster Hall in New York.

Earle, who is named for acclaimed songwriter Townes Van Zandt, has performed at Summit City in Whitesburg three times. After each of his appearances here, Summit City staff praised Earle for his friendliness, while concert patrons appeared appreciative of Earle’s willingness to sign autographs and pose for photographs.

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