Whitesburg KY

Kathy Wolfe comes home from hospital

Big Cowan

My sister, Kathy Wolfe, got out of the hospital after being in there for a week with Legionnaire’s Disease. Pray for her to regain her strength. The last day she was there, Bro. Jim Fields, Bro. Elwood Cornett and two others stopped in and had prayer with her. Also, Judy Fields stopped in and talked about 30 minutes.

My brother, Archie, and I have been drooping around for a few days. Hopefully we will be OK. So many people are sick.

The first few days of deer season Hager Trent’s son or grandson killed two deer. I saw one hanging up on a basketball goal down the road. Deer are so innocent looking it would be hard for me to kill one. Some people kill for the sport and some kill for the meat. Whatever their reason is up to them.

Can you believe people are putting out their Christmas decorations already. I am just trying to get ready for Thanksgiving then I will think of Christmas!

Eugene Day went to the doctor. He has three broken ribs and a touch of bronchitis. Get well soon. Also, Irene has not been feeling well for a while. Remember both of them in your prayers.

Judy Fields, widow of Monroe Fields of Charlestown, Ind., had a brain tumor for some time. She finally had surgery on it last week and had it removed. The surgery went well.

I wanted to say hello to my cousins, Gid, Priscilla Fields, and LouAnna Calihan that live in Charlestown. Happy holidays to you if I don’t see you before then.

My uncle, Isom Fields, called from Morristown, Tenn., to check on everyone. He said he would come and visit soon.

This was really a bad weekend. My husband and son were coming in from Indiana on Friday night during the heavy rain and the car hydroplaned and ran down the steep embankment by the George Brown Road. My husband suffered a head injury and my son, Mike, got burnt from the airbag. Thank God it was not more serious. I think my baby (a 2001 Mustang) is totaled, but it can be replaced — people can’t. Pray that my husband and son will recover soon.

My husband got seven stitches and was a bloody mess. They had to walk him up to the top of the hill and to get on the stretcher. Something should be done by the county for that stretch of the road (the curve) because there have been so many wrecks and deaths there.

I will probably have to take him back to Indiana and get a rental car until everything is settled — when it rains it pours!

My son and his family came down over the weekend to check on his dad. I was glad to see them, just hated it was such a short visit.

Well, until next time. Have a good week.

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