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Kathy Wolfe to mark 60th birthday

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hoping all had a safe and quiet week.

We have six baby kittens at our house. They are adorable. Their momma had one kitten before, and now she has six.

Late birthday wishes to Lisa Honeycutt on July 31, and my cousin Diana Boggs Gilley on Aug. 4. Hope they enjoyed their special day.

My sister Kathy Wolfe (former correspondent for The Mountain Eagle) will be the big 60 on Aug. 12. Love you, sis. She is about to catch up with me and Archie. Ha, ha. Everyone thinks she is older than me anyway. Ha! Ha!

Also celebrating a birthday on Aug. 12 will be Pamela Fields Taylor. Happy birthday.

Sorry to hear of Pam’s cousin dying over the weekend. He was 15. My prayers go out to all of their family.

Sierra Dollarhyde has a birthday Aug. 15. She will be 19 or 20. Happy birthday. She is a daughter of Pam Fields Taylor and Broy Dollarhyde.

Happy birthday to Cody Ison. He will be 19 years old on Aug. 15. He is a son of Michelle and Paul Murphy. Faye Boggs Martin has a birthday on Aug. 16; and Peggy King Caudill, Teresa Miles and Shelby Bockover on Aug. 18. Hoping all of them have a wonderful day.

In memory this week are Delmar Fields, Aug. 14, he died three years ago; Carolyn Boggs, Aug. 17, died two years ago. They are missed by all who knew them.

Heard from Agnes Maggard. She said her foot was not broken but has arthritis in it. Keep her in prayer.

Lots of yard sales going on this past weekend. I was able to resist stopping at any of them. Did not really have the extra money to spend. Good weekend for having them.

Guess school will be starting this week, so watch out for the kids and slow down.

Keep Wayne Turner in prayer. He had some teeth removed and has been having some pain.

Hoping all of you have a good week. Keep someone in prayer, attend the church of your choice.

Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you are up to.

Until next time, may God bless all of you.

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