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Keep your balance this winter

Winter in Kentucky is often synonymous with inclement weather. Snow, ice and black ice not only make it hazardous for drivers, but such weather can also make it hazardous for pedestrians. Falls, slips or trips can result in injuries ranging from scrapes and bruises to broken limbs or serious head injuries. Here are some pointers to help you stay upright this winter.

• Keep your home well stocked with food and essential household items, like batteries and toilet paper. This way you do not have to run to the store because you are out of something during or immediately after an inclement weather event.

• Remove snow and salt or sand your steps, sidewalks and parking areas. If you cannot shovel, ask a neighbor, or you may consider hiring a service.

• Wear shoes or boots with good tread.

• If you use a cane or walker, check the tips to make sure they have good tread.

• Make sure pathways are clear before you walk on them. Find another route if they are blocked or appear wet and shiny.

• Find sidewalks and stairs with railings to grasp whenever possible.

• Take your time. If you are rushing, you are more likely to fall.

• Ask for help.

For more information, contact the Letcher County Extension office at 633-2362.

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