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Keith Adams recovering from heart surgery


I’m so glad Keith Adams of Letcher is doing better. He had to have two bypasses Jan. 4 at Hazard Appalachian Regional Hospital. He had a rough few days but is doing a lot better. His wife Diane said as of Saturday he was getting a little hateful because he wants to come home and he may get to one day this week.

Happy birthday to Arianna and Emille Nichols of Blackey. They turned 16 on Jan. 3. They are the children of Kevin and Leigh Nichols.

Happy birthday to Gracie Caudill of Hallie, who turned 4 on Jan. 3. She is the daughter of Tu and Vette Caudill and the granddaughter of Bruner and Wanda Caudill of Hallie and Lovell and Lois Blair of Jeremiah. Her mom sent a cake to her school for her and they said they sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Gracie and she just sat there and grinned.

Ella Mae Smith of Carcassonne is in Whitesburg ARH. She was in ICU. She has an infection in her leg and they did surgery on it on Thursday evening and she was moved out of ICU on Friday. They said she might get to come home in a few days. I hope she feels better soon.

Happy birthday to Gracelynn Briar Hays of Isom. She turned 1 on Jan. 4. She is the daughter of Kendra and Dustin Hays. Kendra celebrated her birthday on Jan. 1. She is the granddaughter of Joe and Gwen Dixon of Elk Creek and Dean and Rhonda Hays of Isom.

Jewel Dixon of Crases Branch is in WARH and is not doing too well. She has pneumonia and congestive heart failure. I wish her the best.

Shawn Gilley of Letcher has to have some cancer removed in Harlan this week on his right side. He also has been having trouble with an ulcer on his eye. I hope it all works out okay for him.

Doyle Dean Johnson of Jeremiah had to be taken to Lexington to the doctor. He had fluid built up around his lungs. Margaret Nichols and her grandson Joshua Evans drove him down. He also found out he had a broken bone in his back.

Happy birthday to Fred Dixon of Blackey. It is on Jan.17.

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