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Mostly clear

Kendall Ison home from the hospital and doing well

Well folks, here we are in the third week of January, snow still on the ground trying to melt so we can get some more. Kids are happy because they haven’t had school. Parents are going wild because their kids are home too much. I really think they should have school all summer and be out all winter because they’re out the biggest part of winter anyway, so why not change their schedule? Just my opinion.

Sorry to hear that Kendall Ison has been in the hospital. His heart was out of rhythm. He is home now and doing better, according to Carol Ann. Keep both of them in your prayers as they have had a rough time these past few months. Carol Ann’s sister Mary Lou Fields fell and broke her hip and is in rehab at Letcher Manor. Keep her in your prayers also.

Also on the prayer list: Irene and Eugene Day, Tim Amburgey, Thula Ison, Allen Pack, Astor Fields Jr. and Judy and their son Grant Fields, Lucille Collins Fields, Mary Ann Maggard, Barbara Ann Boggs, Kathy and Ed Wolfe, Archie Fields, Tony Milwee, Elijah Sandlin, Loreva Fields, Hazel and Michael Rayburn, Charles and Shirley Day, Chester and Eulene Hogg, Fred and Naomi Smith, Rueben and Odessa A. Lewis, all of our neighbors, loved ones, all the lost and homeless, all the churches and their pastors, our country, our service men and women, and all of Letcher County. Also, pray for Mandy King and Kevin Day. Big Cowan

The only birthday I have this month is in memory of my nephew Marty Allen Fields, who would have been 37 on Jan. 19 and is still missed very much by his family and friends. Sorry, I just saw on Facebook that Autumn Boggs, daughter of Lisa and Mark, and Jimmy Jent have birthdays this month. Hope they had good ones on Jan. 16. Darrell Poling of Greensburg, Ind., has one Jan. 20.

I just got word that a RN that worked at the nursing home where I worked years ago in Indiana died. She was 81 years old. She will be missed by family and friends. Her name was Helen Sthruenberg for those of you who knew her.

Also, a 58- year- old cousin of my husband died in Columbus, Ind. His name was Billy Beavers. He was married to the late Lonnie and Ruth Fields’s daughter Teresa. He will be missed by family and friends.

Hello to all The Mountain Eagle readers and to all the writers. Hope all of you are having a safe and happy winter.

Attend the church of your choice. Be good to one another. And may God bless each and every one of you. All of you have been very faithful in your reading. Take care until the next time.

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